Men are often stereotyped as being the ones who need to be told what they want and what they should do in order to get it. But, there are some things that men need to hear from their partners that will make them happy and keep them around.

1. Be honest: Men have a tendency to lie when they think it will help their partner get what she wants. You can’t build a relationship on lies, so make sure you’re honest about your feelings and thoughts, even if it’s difficult to do so at first.

2. Compliment him: Men need a lot of compliments from their partners in order for them to feel loved and appreciated. If you don’t compliment him often enough, then he’ll find someone else who does or he’ll start looking for compliments elsewhere.

Hot Tips

It depends on type of person. Ask them non-intrusive questions i.e. hobbies and find mutual interests.
2. Share your best positive stories.
3. Update yourself with culture and continue to learn about yourself.
4. Keep discussions simple to digest i.e. summarise articles that you have read.
5. Try to avoid political discussions and other topics that could become heated between both of you.

Make sure you know how to carry a conversation with a high-value man, follow these tips that I share in today’s video to avoid any awkward situations.

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