Meet the worlds first digital car plate. The first of its kind – ever. The newest Rplate™ shows up with its own power supply ready to roll. Rich with personalization features and over-the-air vehicle registration renewal capabilities, Rplate arrives in a slim, sleek, easy-to-install cool form factor.

Activate banner messages to reflect your mood, loyalties and personality.

Battery powered to last 5 years or 50,000 (s)miles.

The replaceable lithium-ion battery will keep your Rplate activated for years while providing key freedom features. The app monitors the battery giving you status at a glance. Battery replacement is simple.

Transfer to a new vehicle.
Trade-in your vehicle, but not your Rplate. Transferring your Rplate to a new vehicle is simple and quick.

Monitor battery status.
The Reviver app is a dashboard of Rplate functionality, including constant battery charge level. As your battery approaches the end of its 5-year life expectancy you’ll be notified through the app.

Installation is easy. Super easy.

The installation kit comes with a universal mounting bracket that bolts to your vehicle like a traditional plate. The Rplate attaches to the bracket, and two security screws keep the Rplate locked in place. Once installed, a quick activation of your plate through our app has you ready for the road with a distinctly cool look.
If you prefer, professional installation is available.

Renew your registration from anywhere but in line.

Pure, electronic registration renewal is a game changer. No trips, no lines, no paper, no stickers. No problem – just keep rolling.

* The Rplate and Rplate Pro allow you to renew annual registration electronically – including auto payment of renewal fees.

Your plate refreshes the update through its display. Think of it as an e-sticker you never have to touch.

Approved in California and Arizona, Rplates issued in these two states are street legal for travel across the country. Reviver is working with state motor vehicle administrations nationwide, most are in various stages of adoption of the world’s first digital license plate.

Price: $499 + $55/yr




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Unmistakably cool.

MOOD....Let them EAT cake!

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