And you thought keeping up with the latest trends was enough for just this lifetime. Luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton is redefining the phrase ‘out of this world’ with the spotting of a Louis Vuitton X Supreme coffin being pulled out of a hearse.

The much-hyped recent collaboration between Louis Vuitton and streetwear brand Supreme for their fall/winter 17 collection has had many in the fashion world both thrilled and indignant, but this particular item had the internet ablaze, with threads on Reddit and Twitter supposing different explanations for the coffin, from a stunt, to clever marketing.

To be sure, the meeting of streetwear and couture, which have often existed in opposition to one another, perplexes and fascinates. Streetwear exists as counter-culture, as a rebellion against the luxe world of high fashion. But a collaboration like this turns such an idea on its head, opening the door for collabs between who knows who else.
As for the coffin, this foray into the gateway to the underworld makes quite the statement. Who says you have to bid farewell in a bog-standard coffin or casket? If you’ve lived in style, it makes sense to exit that way too. And not that elaborate, ornate burials are anything new — the tradition goes all the way back to the Pharaohs, entombed in mausoleums and pyramids, signifying their earthly wealth and status.
And some other modern designers have caught on to the trend  — a collaboration between Jacob Jensen Design and Tommerup Kister revealed a sleek and minimal Diamant series of coffins and urns, updating the more traditional images associated with those words.
So, if you want your funeral to feel a bit more glam, you’ve got options.

By the Loop

And you thought keeping up with the Joneses was enough for just this lifetime. Who says you can’t make a luxurious exit?

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