Are you looking for a new career in the health care industry?

Are you based in Africa?

Do you want a massive improvement to your lifestyle and well being?

Then you’ve found the right opportunity.

Explore the possibility of extending the benefits of premium quality health based products to every corner of the world.

IMMERI is a fair business platform that offers a unique marketing plan with sustainable management calibers. Through IMMERI, everyone can afford to diligently develop and excel in their own business venture with a globalization perspective.

Immeri has 3 fantastic Natural Health based- patented products, *imperative for the optimal health of the whole family*, all NAFDAC, Ghana FDA & FDA approved*

They are:

❖ a beverage in a sachet, taken immediately after your main meal daily
❖ Also,a beverage in a sachet taken first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, daily
❖ Which is a Gel in a Tampon- type Applicator

ADWELLE : is a Plant based Enzyme with fruits and grains *Benefits*
✅Promotes mineral absorption
✅Lowers blood fat and cholesterol
✅Relieves constipation
✅Regulates blood sugar, (so very effective for diabetics in particular)
✅Improves the immune system
✅Detoxes & Enhances anti-inflammatory effects (and thus reduces body pains)
✅Regulates the balance of intestinal bacteria, achieving detoxification without removing
the friendly and important bacteria
✅Regulates intestinal ph
✅Prevents blood clot (thus should’ve relevance for COVID prevention since it prevents
clots & Covid causes blood clots as main way of its causing high death rate!)

VITIDE: is a soy micro molecule bioactive Peptide
✅Helps to eliminate fatigue, by revitalizing and rejuvenating the
✅Restores skin and muscle elasticity
✅Strengthens muscles
✅Regulates Body fat
✅Regulates blood pressure
✅Prevents cancer
✅Increases immunity (thus important for COVID prevention &n management)
✅Helps in weight loss
✅Anti-aging effects, due to its cell regeneration and revitalization capabilities
✅Reduces risk of diseases like; Stroke, hypertension, other cardiac diseases,
Alzeihmer, Cancer, Arthritis! *Improves recovery of Stroke patients* VAGINE :is a Female Intimate Gel that;
✅Restores to normal the female reproductive environment, especially its PH, which is supposed to be Acidic, but barely so due to its PH being constantly disordered by water, Semen, and the period!
✅All females are thus susceptible to inflammation of the Vagina, with itching &
unpleasant discharge, which regular use of Vagine restores, revitalizes & thus have
been documented as taking care of any kind of vaginal infection
✅Restores the integrity of the vaginal wall
✅it’s a good lubricant & provides needed relief due to extreme dryness experienced
mostly by, women of Post- Menopausal age!
✅it eliminates foul vaginal odour
✅it increases female libido
✅helps women with infertility issues, as it restores/maintains the normal acidic
environment and thus does not present a hostile environment to the Sperm
✅It improves and restores Marital physical Relationships , which restores harmony to the marriage and the family !
✅with vaginne, *the man is happy, the woman is happier, and overall peace in the home, creates less unhappy, depressed or juvenile children, for our society*


Buy products worth: $156/N 59,200 :first level called CLASSIC!
Buy Products worth ; $823/ N296,000: Second Level called AGENCY

When you register for Classic with $156 ,#59200,
You get products worth 80,000 ( a whopping discount of $53, N20,000

For this registration you get: 4 pkts of Vagine ( each containing 6 sticks for 6 uses) @ a wholesale price of $39/N14,800 per pack.

To SIGNUP Make your payment to

Zenith Bank
Account Name Immeri Nature Global Limited

Account No: 1015735639


Access Bank

Account Name Immeri Nature Global Limited

Account No: 0813258023

WARNING!!!! Your reference must have a sponsor. Use Profify

Important : you must send a copy of your transfer to Or whatsapp

+44 7848 870714
to verify your payment.


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Are you looking for a new career in the health care industry?

Are you based in Africa?

Do you want a massive improvement to your lifestyle and well being?

Help yourself and others to Solve intimacy issues once and for all

Help yourself and others increase their self defence system

Help yourself and others prevent and cure PCOS

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