Push ups are an amazingly effective bodyweight exercise that have been around longer than all of the protein powder businesses and Gold’s Gyms put together.

The variations and their valuable contribution to any exercise program is a testament that the best kinds of plans to get healthy and fit are really the most simplistic. You don’t necessarily need machines to tone the body, treadmills to burn calories, or even weights to gain strength. Bodyweight exercises are nothing to scoff at, and if maneuvering, hefting or lifting your own bodyweight is not challenging enough for you, it likely means that you aren’t being creative enough in the modifications that are available for the exercise that you’re doing.

For example, if you can do push ups from morning until night without breaking a sweat or experiencing muscle fatigue, why not try lifting a limb – or two – off of the ground in order to increase the difficulty for the remaining balancing arm and leg (not to mention all of the work that your core has to do to pull off such a move).

Our top recommended push up is a supine push up.

A Supine Push Up is a fantastic way to target the muscles of the upper back during a home upper body workout. This exercise most specifically strengthens the rhomboids, and uses a very small range of movement. If you are especially inflexible in the upper back area, simply contract the rhomboid muscles and hold for 10-15 seconds in order to get a similar benefit.


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Bodyweight exercises are nothing to scoff at

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