There are a lot of questions about how to grow your brand on social media. 
There is always a lot of confusion when it comes around to it. 
So, what exactly is branding yourself on social media and how do you do it?
Well, I am going to share with you some simple hacks that I’ve learned over the years on how to crack the code on social media and get results in your business. 

When it comes to building your brand on social media the first thing I want to share with you is influence marketing. 
This is something that I did in my business about four years ago, and it transformed my business completely. 
When you think of influence marketing you are probably picturing posting pictures of you all over Instagram with filters. 
I am going to debunk that today.

When we are talking about influence marketing, we are actually talking about a marketing strategy that leads with your brand instead of your company’s brand to effectively attract and enroll new customers and team members without being a salesy weirdo on social media. 
Before I found influence marketing, I was a salesy weirdo. And being a salesy weirdo will actually repel your followers. It will repel your audience and your network. 
We don’t want to be repelling people away. We want to attract people to us, right?
So if you are showing up consistently on social media, adding value, sharing what you are passionate about, and giving value around the products that you are using and you are selling that is going to attract people to you. 

When you show up on social media using influence marketing, and you build relationships with those people that are following you that will lead to people getting to know who you are, getting to like you, and building trust in you. 
They will see you as someone they trust. 
They will see you are someone who recommends great things, because they provide value.
And when you have trust over your network, that’s called influence. 
To build your brand on social media you will want to include influence marketing in your marketing strategy.

So how do you gain influence over your network?
You show up on social media consistently and provide valuable content. 
Showing up daily on social media will trigger the algorithm. 
It works in a couple different ways, the more you show up and build the algorithm, the more the platform will push your content out there. 
It will keep you front and center to your perfect prospects. 
Tik Tok is the best place to grow your network right now and Slaylebrity VIP social network is the best place to monetise if you are not there I recommend you start now. 
Get visible every single day and provide valuable content.

You have to be all in.
To become a master of consistency, you have to make the decision to level up and give it your all.
It isn’t easy to create new habits. I struggled when I first stated three years ago.
But now I am able to show up every single day online because I created new habit for my business.
And it changed my business completely. 

The more consistent you show up on Facebook and other social media platforms, the more the algorithm favors you and it pushes your content out to more people. 
So if you are showing up consistently, you will always be in the spotlight every time your network and audience, and your perfect prospects opens their social media. 
To help you show up every single day, you can put in some automation. You can plan out your content ahead of time to help you execute the new habits of being consistent. 
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Be a master of consistency no matter what You have to believe in yourself because no one else is going to believe in you for you

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