It’s time to take away the power from Giant Social Media Platforms.

It’s time for brands and individuals to recognise the power we give to Social Media every day With zero regard for our well being.

Picture This scenario

Your business has been providing 5/8 pieces of content on Pinterest daily for the past three years. Including Saturdays and Sundays.

One day your team who have been also using Pinterest to create mood boards for various projects and saving key supplier details suddenly notice that access to said Pinterest account of 10 million views a month plus over 70 K followers has been prohibited by no other than….. you guessed it Pinterest!

Ok ok everyone keep calm. Surely this is a mistake or simply a misunderstanding. Boy were we about to get the most nightmarish shock of our lives.

Pinterest send an email informing our team that the account has in fact been suspended for spam.

What does that mean?

Ok next team appeals, Pinterest sends a message that situation will be reviewed in three days. Team scrambles to set up a new account while waiting for the verdict.

Lo and Behold three days later Pinterest writes back to say that account is permanently suspended. No other valid details given.

Team still cannot believe how they are being treated by Pinterest. Consider over 9000 pins wiped out with insufficient reason. So they go ahead again with another human plea to Pinterest to see if they can tap into some shred of humanity.

But alas none of it is to be found, not a single shred! Pinterest reconfirmed they will NOT reinstate the account and even go ahead to delete the new account set up for same flimsy reasons!

What should Pinterest have done if they had any shred of humanity or decorum?

At least some notice…take the account off line and allow the owner to at least back up their Shi*!

Upon further research online, team pinpoints multiple cases of several brands and individuals treated in the same manner by social media giant bully behemoths.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and the like.

Bottom line, they DON’T care about you, they Don’t care about what you do, they don’t give two Fuc*s about who you are or what you stand for. They don’t want to get to know you, they are inhumane robots out to use and grind you and then dump you or your business like a bloody hot potato!

Folks it’s time we took back the power we gave to these social media bullies and deal with private platforms like Slaylebrity that treat their users with Kindness, Forgiveness and most importantly Human Respect.

In addition we do however recommend Chinese Platforms like TIK TOK if you must use public platforms. Worst Case You Tube. Oh and make Google your best friend.

Stay Safe! Always backup your content with google photos and never put your eggs in one basket

You’ve been duly warned!

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It’s time to take away the power from Giant Social Media Platforms.

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