Let me start off by saying how incredibly proud I am of my husband and his latest accomplishment. The public presentation of the book ‘In Brotherhood We Stand: A Roadmap for the Rebirth of a Fragmented Nation’ by Engr. Chris Okoye in Enugu was truly a momentous occasion. The fact that this book is a direct result of the National Political Reform Conference organized during the administration of former President Olusegun Obasanjo in 2005 makes it even more significant.

Former President Obasanjo himself expressed his admiration for the book, stating that it is of great interest to him personally and to the nation as a whole. He emphasized that the content of the book is a much-needed solution to many of the challenges facing our country today. And I couldn’t agree more. In a time when Nigeria is facing numerous political, social, and economic issues, a roadmap for national rebirth is exactly what we need.

The presence of so many distinguished dignitaries at the book launch speaks volumes about the importance of this book. From former presidential candidate Peter Obi to former Senate President Ken Nnamani, and former Governor Ikedi Ohakim, to Senator Victor Umeh, Admiral Allison Madueke, Frank Nweke, and Prof. Chinedu Nebo, the list of attendees was truly impressive. It is heartening to see that leaders from various sectors of society have come together to support the message of unity and brotherhood that this book conveys.

As someone who is deeply passionate about the future of our nation, I believe that ‘In Brotherhood We Stand’ offers a powerful vision for a better Nigeria. The idea of coming together as a nation, setting aside our differences, and working towards a common goal is one that resonates with me on a personal level. I firmly believe that it is only through unity and collaboration that we can overcome the challenges that we face as a country.

The road to national rebirth is not an easy one. It requires dedication, hard work, and a shared commitment to the common good. But I am confident that with books like ‘In Brotherhood We Stand’ as our guide, we can achieve great things as a nation. It is time for us to put aside petty politics and divisive rhetoric and focus on what truly matters – the well-being and prosperity of every Nigerian.

I urge every citizen of this great nation to read this book, to reflect on its message, and to take action towards building a stronger, more united Nigeria. Let us stand together as brothers and sisters, let us work towards a brighter future for generations to come. And let us never forget that in brotherhood, we stand strong.

Book Price: N25000

We have opened a special bank account for the 2 Books: In Brotherhood We Stand (15k) and Platinum Plaudits(10k).

Access Bank
Crown Crest Global Engineers Ltd ( Books Account)

Contact this number for delivery of the books: 0803-788-1001. And include a delivery charge of N4000 for locations within the Southwest/SouthSouth,N6000 for the North of the country and N3000 for the South East.
Clearly indicate delivery address and contact phone number please.





In a time when Nigeria is facing numerous political, social, and economic issues, a roadmap for national rebirth is exactly what we need.

Together we stand

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