Slay club world is the premium members only network for the elite Slaylebrity social platform . This is A social network for bonafide shopaholics, luxury enthusiasts and luxury niche marketers.

So who is slay club world perfect for?

Shopaholics Haven

If you a are a shopaholic who loves custom products that are made just for you but you want to limit yourself to a yearly shopping budget without cramping your luxury lifestyle then slay club world is a match made in heaven.

So what’s this platform like?

There are so many incredible benefits of upgrading to slay club world including:

Easy sharing platform:
The ELITE SHARING PLATFORM allows each slay club world user to drag and drop their images and videos and you are good to go.

Go viral
Receive at least 13000 social signals from your slaylebrity uploads depending on your slaylebrity membership level.

Share unlimited content
Share unlimited content with the worlds elite at a fixed cost.

Enjoy special credits

Receive slay credits for every purchase made at the slay network store and apply your credits to any store at the slay network including slay fitness and slay lifestyle plus receive mega discounts depending on your slaylebrity membership level

The ultimate status symbol

Receive solid metal membership cards for your slaylebrity status, cards start at bronze all the way to the ultimate 24 karat solid gold membership card reserved for the elite gold members. when you whip out your slay card it opens doors.

As an elite slaylebrity member you will earn slay rewards for every threshold purchase you make, get access to exclusive products lifestyle and fashion concierge services.

The Perfect platform for luxury brands

As a silver slay club world member your brand will become part of the community of elites.

Slay club world allows you to :

Connect with a  high net worth audience
Get active engagement from the right people
Grow your business or personal brand
Find connections that make you money

Membership levels

There are four levels of slay club world

Membership begins with bronze, then silver (for businesses only), Gold and black membership.

For bronze and gold your membership fee is converted to slay dollars which you can use to purchase items at the slay network.

Once you attain 500K followers on this network you will be upgraded to the ultimate black membership status, where your membership is free and you receive 15% discount on all items.

There’s no place like Slaylebrity slay club world , this is a network that allows you to achieve the ultimate status symbol and make useful connections that will benefit you for a lifetime. It’s time to go viral via the elite slaylebrity network.

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There's no place like Slaylebrity slay club world

The only social network that guarantees your content goes viral

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