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drag and drop(video, photos, pdf or audio) and you are good to go.


receive at least 13,000 social signals from your slaylebrity uploads depending on your slaylebrity membership level.

share unlimited content

Share your content with the world’s elite at a fixed cost.


Receive slay credits for every purchase made at the slay network store and apply your credits to any store at the slay network including slay fitness and slay lifestyle. plus receive mega discounts depending on your slaylebrity membership level.

A social network for bonafide shopaholics and luxury niche marketers:

Are you a shopaholic? Do you love custom products that are made just for you? Do you want to limit yourself to a yearly shopping budget without cramping your luxury lifestyle? Slaylebrity slay club world is perfect for you

The ultimate status symbol

Receive solid metal membership cards for your slaylebrity status. cards start at bronze all the way to the ultimate 24Karat solid gold membership card reserved for the elite gold members. When you whip out your slay card it opens doors

member benefits

Slay dollars(1 usd=1 slay dollor) Bronze 12,000 slay dollars per year
Silver (business account) No slay dollars credited for membership
Gold 60,000 slay dollars per year
Black No slay dollars credited for membership
birthday rewards Bronze 50 slay dollars
Silver (business account) no rewards
Black 100 slay dollars
Gold 150 slay dollars
slay unbox bronze, black, gold 25 slay dollars
slay bambini bronze, black, gold 100 slay dollars
slay club world 10 bronze cards (you will receive one bronze coin for every $150 purchase) 200 slay dollars/ 10 coins 1 slay usd = 1usd
10 silver cards (receive one silver coin for every $300 purchase) 400 slay dollars/ 10 coins
10 gold cards( receive one gold coin for every $600 purchase) 1000 slay dollars/10 coins
slaylebrity discounts Bronze 10% off all slay network products
Silver 15% off
Black 15% off
Gold 20% off
share business promotional content Bronze no( only non business promotional content can be shared by bronze members
Silver yes
Gold yes
Black yes
slay vip solid metal membership card Bronze 10% off all slay network products
Silver solid silver vip card
Black solid black mirror steel card
Gold solid gold 24k vip card

Pricing Plans

Choose your plans



Per Year



Per Year



Per Year

black membership


upgrade to slaylebrity status when you achieve 500k followers on slaylebrity

Grow the audience for your high end personal or business brand

Become part of the community of elites

for premium niche businesses: grow the audience for your high end personal or business brand

  • become part of the community of elites
  • connect with a high net worth audience
  • get active engagement from the right people
  • grow your business or personal brand
  • find connections that make you money
  • earn slay rewards for every threshold purchase you make
  • get access to exclusive products , lifestyle and fashion concierge services
  • let your brand go viral via the elite slaylebrity network
  • receive major discounts for all your purchases

why should you be on slaylebrity ?
do you have a high end product. service niche or lifestyle that you would like to share with the world?
do you want your content to go viral?
can you see the potential of social media to showcase your brand but are fed up with difficulty of reaching the elite who can afford your services?
do you want to connect with and engage an audience who love the finer things of life?
getting the message out there to others with the same interests isn’t easy. you might have a high end brand but how do people find out about you?
where does your high net worth audience spend their time?
how can you engage with them?

without accessing the right people, your brand just disappears. it is enough to make you feel depressed.

but you don’t have to. the solution is out there. the solution is slaylebrity. depending on your slaylebrity membership, you receive 13,000+ social signals on slaylebrity page monthly. if you are on slaylebrity to shop, slaylebrity is a shoppers haven. receive lots of bonuses and discounts for every purchase you make from slay network, lifestyle or fitness. you can even apply your slay bonus to slay lifestyle products on slaylebrity by sending a simple request to the slay concierge team.

slaylebrity is the perfect way to connect and engage with the type of people you want to be associated with. modern life and marketing is all about making the right connections with the right audience. slaylebrity is a growing group of exclusive elites that want to hear from you and are primed to buy whatever you have to sell.

who are the elite?

this is a question we are often asked. low-end marketers look to pick up the odd sale from just about anyone. they may make a few cents from every buyer, but this approach means they need thousands, tens of thousands, millions of customers to make it anywhere.
the elite don’t operate like the rest of the market. they are looking for the highest quality goods and are ready to pay well for them.
if your product, service or lifestyle fits this market, then you will already know how difficult it can be to engage with this market on public social media. you can try:

  • taking out expensive adverts in magazines aimed at this sector
  • sponsoring the kind of events the elite spend time at
  • spending big money to be where they are

but all these things come at a ridiculously high price. you need equal pockets just to attract their attention-before you get a chance to get them interested in what you are promoting. but there is a better way…

recharge your marketing power with slaylebrity

traditional advertising doesn’t work in the right way for you. costs could spiral out of control and doesn’t target your perfect market. read that again!
why spend time and money sifting through masses to get to the people you need when you can do that with slaylebrity – a network crafted just for your market.

but advertiseers fall into this trap all the time. if you develop a strong bond with your audience, then they will buy from you time and time again. that’s where slaylebrity transforms your engagement. stop wasting time on public social networks in the hope that you will connect with the right crowd.

you receive 13,000+ social signals for your slaylebrity brand channel. use the awesome power of slaylebrity to link to the people that want to hear from you: people that are

  • discerning
  • high net worth
  • credit worthy
  • ready to buy
looking for products or services just like yours

and that is the real beauty of slaylebrity. we have a thriving and active network of the elite, who want to hear from you and your business.
the only way to know 100% that you are reaching the right people is to be on the right network. you may already promote your business on facebook, twitter or one of the other social media platforms. do you really think this is the right place? what are your results? what is your return on investment?

the reason that social media networks are starting to lose their gloss is because they try to be all things to all men and women. there are well over a billion active users on facebook; 330 million on twitter.
a marketing agency will tell you this is why you should promote your business on these channels- the sheer numbers.
slaylebrity represents a more refined way of doing this. hitting the right people in a pool of a billion is worse odds than winning the lottery.

segmenting that pool into people that are interested in what you have to sell makes perfect sense

that’s what slaylebrity is all about. here’s how it works-
slaylebrity users are looking for the finer things in life. they want to see the most exclusive products and services from people just like you. they operate in a higher circle to the likes of most. they want to be indulged by exclusive independent brands not known to most.
and this gives a business like yours the perfect opportunity to connect with the elite. they can follow any brand or individual they fancy on slaylebrity.
from this, you get an active network that will grow with you and receive all your updates via email notifications. there is nothing like making a lasting and meaningful connection for your personal or business brand. slaylebrity give you access to these connections.
now you can see the power of linking with people who are already primed to hear from you. this is stable growth that comes in month after month. you will receive at least 13,000 social shares every month, see how you can grow from there.

and it only gets better from there

this may sound like the opportunity you have always been waiting for. but there is so much more to slaylebrity than meets the eye, the potential is endless. two more factors make this the best decision you could ever make-

the viral effect of thousands sharing your content
you receive discounts and rewards for purchases you make at the slay network store.

once you upload your content on slaylebrity, a massive network of like minded people will be activated to engage with your content on a regular basis. this guarantees your content will go viral.
as with any great network the strength is in the numbers. although this is an exclusive club, we are always looking for more elites to join and spread the word.
sign up below to the most exclusive way to market your personal or business brand. make the connections that actually mean something.


Nothing comes close to Slaylebrity slay club world when it comes to content marketing.
Here's why:

If you love shopping, slaylebrity is a shoppers haven. Buy products that are incredibly unique. Get the best styling tips from slay concierge. Slaylebrity is especially great for shopping for luxury gifts for milestone events. Receive discounts and rewards for all your purchases.

The simple fact is - when you have lots of social signals on major social Networks instead of just 10, you get a lot more traffic to your site. More traffic brings in more money from your site and that is always good, right?

SEO traffic is the best kind of free traffic you can get. Imagine a world where all you have to do is upload your content and it's automatically optimised for search engine , why are you missing out on the best free traffic source out there?

Adding backlinks can skyrocket the visibility of your content and take your videos to the top ranks in search engines. Why be satisfied with just a few top positions when you can get more by sharing your video on Slaylebrity ?

Hiring a SEO company can cost you hundreds of dollars each month (or even thousands if you have a big site) - why do that when you can get great results by joining Slaylebrity slay club world.

This network is a must have for every business or website site. Everyone is spending money on SEO - why do that when you can get same or better results with guaranteed social signals when you join this network. Slaylebrity is a Must for every site owner.

Whether you are a blogger or a writer with a site, you want more traffic and you want to reach a bigger audience. This is what you can achieve.

If you want fame and influence Slaylebrity is the only place that literally guarantees that your content goes viral resulting in unprecedented online influence.

These days conventional social media has become a police state. They prevent most online business opportunities from marketing freely even if you pay for it. At Slaylebrity you won't get this sort of treatment- no more limits on your content!




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Genaral quetions

  1. this is your guaranteed chance to go viral on the internet. unlike other social networks your slaylebrity page will actively be promoted, expect no less than 13000 shares, tweets etc per month of your slaylebrity channel.
  2. receive up to credits and massive discounts in your slay network account to shop premium looks, luxury items, fitness and health products with your slay dollars, plus get priority access to limited edition pieces.
  3. promote your personal or company brand to ready willing and able buyers on slaylebrity ( slaylebrity attracts the kaching crowd)
  4. no need to spend excessive amounts on expensive ads on other social networks that get you nowhere. once you subscribe you are free to share your content with no 1(one) minute limit on your videos etc.
  5. meet and connect with other like minded people on slaylebrity
  6. Earn up to 50% per referral depending on your Slaylebrity level

Your slaylebrity articles will be shared by our private network across the following platforms daily

  1. Facebook (likes and shares): 200
  2. Twitter tweets:80
  3. google plus: 30
  4. linkedin shares: 20
  5. stumble upon: 100

we do not permit any violence, hate, terrorism or blatant pornographic content. any attempt to share such content will result in immediate closure of the offending account.
if you are bronze member you are not permitted to share promotional content , to do this you need to upgrade to silver, black or gold membership.
are monthly accounts permitted on slaylebrity
a user can have multiple accounts on slaylebrity. however each yearly subscription payment permits one account. to get another account you will need to purchase a subscription for every subsequent account.

A user can have Multiple accounts on Slaylebrity.
However Each monthly or yearly subscription payment permits one account. To get another account you will need to purchase a subscription for every subsequent account.

once you reach 500,000 followers your account will be upgraded automatically to slaylebrity status. you will no longer need to pay membership fees, and you will receive 15% discount on all purchases at slay network, slay fitness or slay lifestyle. content shared by slaylebrities are featured regularly on that slaylebrity life.

Pricing Plans

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Per Year



Per Year



Per Year

black membership


upgrade to slaylebrity status when you achieve 500k followers on slaylebrity


Earnings/Income Disclaimer

we make every effort to ensure that we accurately represent these products and services and their potential or income. earning and income statements made by our company and its customers are estimates of what we think you can possibly earn. there is no guarantee that you will make these levels of income and you accept the risk that the earnings and income statements differ by individual.

as with any business, your results may vary, and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise and level of desire. there are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. the examples used are exceptional results, which do not apply to the average purchaser, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that individual's success. an individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.

there is no assurance that examples of past earnings can be duplicated in the future. we cannot guarantee your future results and or success. there are some unknown risks in business and on the internet that we cannot foresee which can reduce results. we are not responsible for your actions. the use of our information, products and services should be based on your own due diligence and you agree that our company is not liable for any success or failure of your business that is directly or indirectly related to the purchase and use of our information, products and services.

we strive to provide excellent products, along with equally excellent customer service. if you have any questions about this privacy policy or our practices please contact us at info@slaynetwork.co.uk.

the slay network does not support or promote in any way all mlm type structures. slay club world is a subscription based fashion and lifestyle concierge social network platform that offers social media management services and gives its members the opportunity to benefit in reward terms from the growth of the network. no compensation is made to members as a result of promotions made by other members.

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