Welcome to Slay Club World VIP by Slaylebrity

The Worlds best elite social network platform that grants you access to premium billionaire concierge services plus access to Become a super influencer and digital landlord.

The club offers two services

Elite social Network Slaylebrity - $10,000 a month

Slaylebrity is an elite social network platform where you can create your own profile, share your content and have access to the Worlds best luxury content creation, promotions and PR team/ network.
As a VIP Slaylebrity landlord your asset will be grown by the team on a monthly basis. Each month up to 10 high quality posts will be created and shared on your profile page.
Each month your dedicated team will promote these posts across relevant networks. These posts will be designed to help you attract the right audience thereby creating a formidable influencer ranking profile page/asset. As your asset becomes more valuable brands/businesses will reach out to your dedicated concierge team to rent space on your digital real estate asset on Slaylebrity. You can also share your own content on your profile page.


Access to 10 curated posts on your digital asset per month

You earn $5000 -$8000 per rented space on your digital assets

Earnings accrued are paid via Bitcoin or PayPal on the 01st of every month

Earn badges for followers

0-100K followers Bronze Badge (rent you receive per listing at this level $5000)

100K – 500K Silver Badge (rent you receive per listing at this level $5500)

500K – 1 million. Gold Badge (rent you receive per listing at this level $6000)

1 million followers and up Black Badge (rent you receive per listing at this level $7000)

Gold Star Slaylebrity: $30,000 a year

Gold Star Slaylebrity is an elite billionaire’s club designed to meet the needs of the one percent of wealthy individuals seeking companionship, fame and access to the most luxurious items money can buy. Members will be granted the ultra-elite status of Gold Star Slaylebrity which comes with a patented Slaylebrity Solid Gold 24 Karat membership Card.
This gives the holder 24hour access to an elite concierge service, plus a Gold Star Slaylebrity account to share your content on the world’s most prestigious social network.slaylebrity
Anyone can join other social platforms but at Slaylebrity once you see a Gold Star Status you know immediately that this member is not just Talk but the real deal!

VIP Event Access

gold star slaylebrity
Slay Network offers VIP access to Gold Slaylebrity Members, as well as significant discounts to gold members. Luxury Brands/Companies can also join the Gold Star membership. This allows you to access all our corporate concierge services.
Our Gold plus VIP service is the recommended service for those seeking anonymity and access to the Worlds best concierge service covering literally any viable service spanning from real estate , lifestyle management, Financial, legal, jet fuel sourcing , VIP/ Slaylebrity travel, brand development and Advertising services. We assure you that we are in the business of anonymity as our service is a VIP service for ultra high net worth individuals only. We are the first service of our nature to also accept Bitcoin payments worldwide. We assure you that our company is under the radar from scrutiny so we are the perfect firm to work with when it comes to non disclosure etc as we never release the identity of our VIP members to anyone.
The Only Club For Those Who Want Only The Best And Don’t Care Who Makes It Or How Much It Costs “The clubs’ focus has been to put things on the platform that makes you go, ‘Wow what is that?’, We actually almost like it better when you don’t know what it is! You need something, you go to Amazon. With Slaylebrity’s Slay Club world, you need nothing but something in your head says: Let’s go and see if there’s something fun, or If I Can go and buy something I can’t find anywhere else”
Sarah Palmer
Head Concierge.
If you are willing to pay a premium for the luxury of not having to shop around for the best umbrella, money clip or AM radio- Slay club World is for you! Discover the World’s most premier bespoke shopping destination, not just because of what it sells but how it sells it. Find anything from mere clothing to more assorted paraphernalia. Handmade products are all the rage right now and Slaylebrity is packed with it. With revenue stream of over 100 million USD Slaylebrity is devoted to enriching the lives of its members through meaningful experiences and unparalleled access to the world of luxury. Slay club world was imagined to redefine luxury living by harnessing our rich global connections and expert cultural knowledge to elevate the lifestyles of our elite members and allow them more time to access and enjoy the things they cherish without having to worry. With an International network of over 60 global partners our 5000 strong lifestyle managers and expert specialists are on hand 24/7/365 to manage our members’ ever growing appetite for the worlds most bespoke items and experiences. This membership is for one year and is renewed yearly. The service provides you access to our dedicated 24/7 concierge team who will provide you with access at best prices to the worlds best most impeccable available properties both commercial or private residence in the cities you require and all our other concierge services are also available to you. The mission of our devoted team is to enhance our members’ day to day lives and fulfill their biggest dreams. Through bespoke experiences and lifestyle services our members get to enjoy the luxury of time. In today’s fast paced world the significance of time can never be overstated. As a member you’ll discover without fuss and stress the best places to dine, relax and experience what the world has to offer. You’ll have access to the world’s best and most extravagant items and you’ll do this all from the comfort of your home or wherever you like. Trying to figure out the perfect gift will now be a thing of the past, as you’ll have daily access to the world’s best gift ideas We make the impossible possible here at Slay Club world. Our connections to the high net worth club are second to none.


Our Gold plus service is $30,000 a year. For real estate,private jet, car or yacht purchases We also require a 3% finders fees paid within 24 hrs at the close of any sale for any real estate services, special cars and yachts purchased using our concierge service.

What to expect

24/7 concierge services for all your real estate needs and other concierge related needs if you so wish
Access to our exclusive only listings on Slaylebrity digital lifestyle magazine

For Private concierge use

Lifestyle management
Wealth Management
Red carpet Access
Medical wellness
Relocation and 2nd passport access
Personal shopping
Sporting Access
Private Travel concierge services
Luxury home design and building
Unlimited one year Access to Slaylebrity.com to list anything you wish that is currently allowed on Slaylebrity
Welcome gold plus member gift package

For Content creators

Build a following on Slaylebrity, Monetize easily by selling listings on your own Slaylebrity page.

For Businesses

Corporate gifting and event planning
Access to Slay Fitness supplements
Access to Slay my look fashion suppliers
Access to the worlds best most difficult to get influencers
Luxury Brand Management
Luxury Website and app creation
Luxury company retreat planning
High performing Staff and CEO recruitment


Virtual assistants
Corporate gifting
NFT Creation


This is an ultra-exclusive club for the ultra-Elite. It goes without saying; Entry into this club is strictly for those who meet our stringent criteria. If you sign up for gold star slaylebrity Your personalized card will be exquisitely packaged and delivered to your home address.


“TBC have helped with the purchase of a Picasso painting and customised watches. Great personal service they offer.”
Mrs F, Zayed – AD
“I had almost purchased a watch for $55,000 when The Billionaire Concierge Team found the same one and negotiated it down to $42,000 for me. Not just content with locating it, they actually also saved me a large amount.”
Mr D, Jordan – LA
“I called Billionaire Concierge when my Vertu Concierge couldn’t get me a last minute reservation at Nice Guys in LA and they did this in no time without any problem.”
Mr Q, Saleh – Kuwait
“The Billionaire Concierge Luxury Travel Team were very helpful in planning my whole trip to Turks and Caicos. They also took care of my every need during my stay.”
K, Benzema – Madrid
[Exclusive Event Access] – “…and thank you, especially for the hand delivery to my daughter! That was very professional and considerate. It did not go unnoticed. We will be a good long-term customer for you”
Mr E, George – US
“Always provide a number of the latest iPhones each year on launch date without fail! Also, help with travel arrangements including yacht and jet charters on my frequent trips.”
Mr Anish Bhatt, – UK