NEVER break these etiquette rules if you’re invited as a guest to an affluent event!

I’m 25 and find people’s lack of etiquette barbaric.

I hate that graciousness is being lost in favor of constant self gratification. I used to love to host events and parties, I was good at it, it gave people a reason to come together and have fun. But over the years it lost it’s pleasure for me as people broke every rule (not RSVPing and backing out at the last minute were the worst offenses). I rarely ever host events now.
I would offer one more piece of guest advice. If you are going to an event at someone’s home, and you see the host having to attend a lot to the business of the party, even if they have staff to execute the party, always ask, and mean it, “How can I help?” (In my experience, those are 4 words that that can take you very far in any society.) Most of the time the host will refuse your help, after all, you are their guest, but you will leave your host with the knowledge that you are someone who is giving, instead of just being there to consume.

Till the next slay time!

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