I have a sweet tooth more often than I’d like to admit and yet I want to look incredible.

Now here is my secret to looking incredible and still satisfying my munchies.

In this video you will see how to make my secret sweet tooth recipe.
This tastes like Snickers – But is only 17 kcal per serving! Perfect dessert choice for ladies who are mindful with their eating habits and choose to live healthier!
This is way healthier than anything sweet that you can find in the store- no transfats, no palm oil, no refined sugar. There’s even some protein and natural fibers included. The only concern would be to find dates that aren’t soaked in preservatives.

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This diet has been designed by a personal chef who works with the slaylebrity school of affluence. She knows all about eating healthy but also about what it takes to get the body that you want.

The diet is designed to be a lifestyle change, so it is not restrictive or difficult to follow. There are no strict rules on what foods can be eaten or when they should be eaten. You can eat your favourite foods as long as they fit into your daily calorie allowance and there are some great recipes included in the slay fitness platform on slaylebrity that give you ideas on how to cook those favourite foods in different ways so they don’t get boring.

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I have a sweet tooth more often than I'd like to admit and yet I want to look incredible.

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