I am a boss babe who has had the privilege of living a lavish life. I have traveled to different countries and have met many people. The experiences that I have had are what made me who I am today.

This is my honest British Airways Business class experience. It is not every day that one gets to fly in upper class, so this is something that I will like to document my experience as it may be helpful to those of you who haven’t had the chance to level up to business class.

Follow me as I travel with British Airways business class on a short-haul flight to Stockholm. I want to share with you my travel routine, my tips and debunk a few myths about travelling business class!

Tips for packing: always put spare clothes (underwear, t-shirt, trousers…) in the carry on bag (you could have your bags come a day or more after you, yes it happens) and always put the heavier things like your toiletries or shoes in the suitcase at the bottom near the wheels because when you put it in the upward position, it won’t weigh down and wrinkle your clothes.

Till the next slay time!

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