New Year’s Eve is always a great excuse to make regrettable decisions, especially those involving your credit card. But when you get bored of hitting up your local bar, you’ll want to think outside the box to deplete your life savings. Whoever said money can’t buy happiness likely didn’t blow $45k on tickets to a yacht party, right? 

If you’re going to go all out and have a spare $500,000, you might as well do it in style. Here are the best, most extravagant ways to spend your money this New Year’s Eve.

$45,000 Margaritaville Stay
Jimmy Buffett himself won’t make it, but patrons of this outrageous $22,500-per-night weekend in Miami get to stay in the Buffett-approved presidential suite and charter a yacht with an open bar and spots for 11 friends who will definitely owe you for the rest of their lives. (Or just charge each of ’em $3,750.) A bonus: the hotel room comes with a private bartender—in your room—who’ll sling bloody marys to ease your hangovers. 

$500,000 Justin Bieber-approved Miami Party
The Fontainebleau Miami Beach plays host to this outrageous five-day affair. For a cool $100,000 per night, you’ll get a 9,850 square-foot, multi-floor Sorrento Penthouse, boasting five bedrooms, six-plus baths, a private pool, jacuzzi, formal dining room and a full kitchen. Arise and head down to your private poolside cabana, where you’ll be plied with enough booze and food to fell an elephant. If you’ve saved any room, you can head to private dinners at the opulent restaurants in the hotel, such as Hakkasan, Scarpetta and StripSteak. Or snag the keys to a stable of Lamborghinis, Ferraris, McLarens and other supercars. Take your drool-worthy wheels on your way to a $100,000 shopping spree, because that’s also included. On New Year’s Eve proper, you’ll get front row seats to Bieber’s private New Year’s Eve concert. After, a private yacht will take you to another club, STORY, to finish off the night. 

$10,000 Mojito

Here’s one humdinger of a drink grandiose enough to get the whole bar roaring drunk: The Dom Pérignon rosé strawberry mojito. Available at Nikki Beach in Miami (noticing a trend here?), this one-off New Year’s Eve beverage starts with a jeroboam bottle of Dom. For the uninitiated, a jeroboam is 4.5-liters—or 1.1 gallons—of bubbly. To that, the club adds 14 ounces of white rum, 14 ounces of lemon rum, and a 4-foot-tall sugar cane stalk to slurp it all up while you watch a private fireworks display popping off on Miami Beach

$191,000 to Ring In the New Year, Twice
You can only celebrate New Year’s Eve once a year. . . if you’re poor. Those with well-endowed wallets can fly to Austrailia, party until midnight at the Sydney Opera House, then hop on a Gulfstream G650 for a 12-hour flight to Los Angeles to do it all again in the City of Angels. Bonus points for staying awake the entire time.

$60,000 Annual fee to share your opulent New Year Photos at the worlds best billionaires club -Slay Club world
Instagram and the likes of it, are not exclusive or for billionaires. To truly be recognized as a big party spender you’ll need to be a member of the World’s most expensive social platform slay club world to share your cool pictures.

Source: Men’s Health

New Year’s Eve is always a great excuse to make regrettable decisions

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