Slay fitness is trying to stay away from the classic approach to health supplements and offers a refreshing take on wellness

Founded by The UK luxury lifestyle Slay Network brand Slay fitness was born after the success of its fitness blog on online luxury social network Slaylebrity. The brand has the commitment to create responsibly sourced health supplements using real, organic foods.

The straightforward take on ingredients is matched by a minimal aesthetic, with packaging reminiscent of apothecary bottles.

The range of offerings includes protein powders, with emphasis on a pure whey base and pea-and-hemp base—each with 12 grams of protein per tablespoon—and boosters that address more specific concerns, like skin, menopause,energy and bloating.

This is literally a haven for those who want only the best health supplements the world has to offer

Slaylebrity is part of the extensive Slay Network which is an advanced socializing and e-commerce platform developed to offer a one-stop solution for internet shoppers. Its slay fitness store specializes in health foods and supplements which they supply to their global-range of clients. Slay fitness has taken a different path from what most stores offer as they specialize in specialist products which cannot easily be found in any other store.
Talking about their driving philosophy, the Marketing Director said, “Achieving a healthy lifestyle is an initiative we can all take and accomplish with the right guidance and motivation. We have made your health our responsibility as we give you the nutritional essentials required to keep you going each day. Our products are not random collections, but cutting-edge formulations produced under Good Manufacturing Practice and ISO certified systems. Backed by the right kind of health supplements and a passion for achieving set health goals, you can achieve any heights which are our greatest joy.”
Vegans have for long lacked specially tailored health supplements designed to give them the right balance between dietary requirements and the body’s nutritional demands. Slay Fitness is changing this conception by providing a platform to shop for vegan calcium supplement which has been proven to fill the nutritional gap in a diet profile. The 100% organic health supplements are made from food-based ingredients that are rich in calcium providing a superior alternative to animal-derived products. Slay Fitness has a wide range of these health supplements including among others the Antarctic Krill Oil, CherryBeet, Happy-Flex Combination, HempNourish, and Tumeric Herbal Combo giving their customers the benefits of diversity.

Speaking about their weight management products, the Sales Manager said, “Shedding of extra weight has been marked as a frustrating journey by many individuals due to the wrong approach that many people follow. Gaining the right body weight is not an overnight result of either starving yourself or instantly stopping to eat all the things you enjoy. It is instead a long-term plan that should focus on an all-encompassing strategy that will directly impact all parts of your life. The weight management products we provide are intended to complete an eating routine ensuring a balanced diet is maintained. This should then be backed with a normal training program and great hydration for lasting results.”

It has never been easier to shop for vegan health supplements worldwide than with Slaylebrity which has rightfully earned a spot as a premium International supplier. The store not only makes supplies to individual shoppers but has been trusted by personal trainers, online re-sellers, detox spas, health practitioners, and nutritionists to be the source of their products. Slay Fitness has a diverse range of product categories such as antioxidants, omega oils, protein powders, detox, and muscle mass & sports which cater to each specific need.

About Slay Fitness
Slay Fitness is an established store trading under the Slay Network brand with their line of focus being health foods and supplements made from natural ingredients without the use of any chemical additives to provide high net worth clients with the healing powers of nature.

Contact Details
Trading Name: Slay Fitness
71-75 Shelton street, Convent Garden
London, UK -WC2H 9JQ

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