Concierge Price: from €1,900,000

Manufacturered in the Netherlands at the epicentre of the world’s premium yachting industry, this Aluminium Yacht offers you something truly unique. The high-end, high-performance motoryachts are built by hand using the very latest construction techniques.
These driver’s boats have a radical appearance and an elegant allure that sets them truly apart. Available in sizes from 16 to 90 feet, each Yacht offers serious power and maximum manoeuvrability on the water.
Crucially, every boat is also an individual vessel in her own right, built to the specific requests of her owner. Forget the clichés about customisation….

Because The manufacturer only creates boats for demanding individuals, they also insist on total quality and reliability, applying the latest engineering technologies and systems. Their slogan ‘Not for Everyone’ reflects the special boats we build in terms of their looks and the very special clients they serve.
All vessels are capable of 40 knots, and those with a particular penchant for speed can order a 50+ knots version with even more powerful engines. These models are called the Veloce after the Italian word for speed. Despite all these choices, most owners will have something in common…

They’ve seen an Aluminium luxury boat at sea or in a marina and said ‘I need one of those too.’ Translating this initial wow factor into a yacht that matches your demands and desires is why we exist. It is the essence of our story.

An ingenious hull design will ensure you low fuel consumption, fast acceleration, superlative comfort, awesome agility with very little spray, and a long range. Made in sustainable and easy-to-maintain aluminium, These boats have a low cost of ownership and retain a high resale value which will easily justify your original outlay.


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