A staycation is a fun and sometimes glamorous way to gather with loved ones. However, with a hefty price tag and the annoying prospect of unavailable rooms, organising one is often but a rare occurrence. Here’s a long term solution — why not build a home that looks straight out of a hotel suite? While you probably won’t have a million dollar view or concierge to serve you hand and foot, you can always have a place to getaway, any day.

By Qanvast

An Artsy abstract design like this ticks all the right boxes

Source: Created by the Panday Group

East meets west

Think Mandarin Oriental — Refined, contemporary furniture pair alongside Asian accents, such as the Japanese-style table lanterns and wooden partitions. It's the perfect place to unwind and Netflix on a fluffy bed

East meets west by Meier Suites

Renovation $74,000

East meets west cont

East meets west bedroom

Dark Masculine Space

This expansive home blends both modern and old-school to create a dark, masculine space. Vintage accessories, including a traditional typewriter and gramophone provide contrast to the stylish black and wood scheme. However, it’s the bathroom that delivers the most impact — clad in glossy tiles and glass, it includes a luxurious bathtub with a view, akin to the one at the Ritz-Carlton.

Interior designer: Starry Homestead

Cost of renovation: $65,000 Location: waterfront waves

Masculine bedroom

Waterfront waves bathroom

The Jetset life

Picture living the jet-set life here; this modern masterpiece definitely evokes the swanky, posh theme we often see in hotels such as W Hotel. Sophisticated wood, granite and fabrics in muted tones bring a touch of class and further accentuated with statement pieces.

Architect Topos design

Location Trillium

Family friendly suite

Here’s a family-friendly suite that will appeal to all generations. Classy furnishings in shades of cream and brown reflect a timeless look that always pleases. A dash of smart metallics, from the gold cushions to the curtains add a hint of hotel-like luxury to the space

Interior Designer: Rob Wynn

By Interior Design Studio


Love quirky, multi-themed boutique hotels? Coming home to this every day would be a dream! Shapes and lines serve as the main theme here, found in the bold feature walls and rounded furniture. While the living and dining areas are opulent, bed and bathrooms take inspiration from Mondrian shapes, with light, colourful feature shadow boxes that remind us of Gallery Hotel’s iconic facade.

Designer Story of Us

Location: Reflections @Keppel Bay

A sleek aesthetic

A sleek aesthetic has always been one favoured by hotels. Here, a New-York style home lives up to this description, using glossy materials like glass with urban woods and matte blacks. The smart use of warm spotlights and backlights further add an air of exclusivity.

Interior Designer: Posh Home

Location Yishun Avenue

Renovation: $45,000

For the perfect slumber party

Throw the perfect slumber party every weekend in this chic and cosy hideaway. A calming palette of greys and whites is given an upscale spin, with the use of quality finishes and polished furniture. Girls will definitely appreciate the glitzy walk-in closet, complete with a pretty, built-in dresser. Feeling tired after a long heart-to-heart talk? Head on to the grand bedroom for a restful night’s’ sleep.

Interior Designer: Mr Shopper Studio

Location Sky Terrace @ Dawson

Cost of renovation: $100,000

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