Pilates is a great low impact, easy-on-the-knees way to tone and shape the lower body, particularly the butt and thighs. We love Pilates for recovery days, and workout sessions where you just don’t feel like pushing yourself through a jarring HIIT workout, or grueling strength session. Make no mistake; despite this not being one of our more advanced routines, your legs will be burning before you’re finished with this workout!

All of these exercises are relatively beginner friendly but can be made much more difficult with added resistance (using bands, hand or ankle weights to make the moves harder). The only equipment you need for this butt lifting, leg slimming Pilates workout is an optional exercise mat.

Workout Structure
* 40 Seconds Active, 10 Seconds Rest
* No warm up or cool down included; both are recommended
* No equipment; forgiving surface or exercise mat recommended

Pilates Workout breakdown

Swinging Bridge
Outside Leg Raises + Pulse
Inside Leg Raises + Pulse
Reverse Leg Lifts + Pulse
Up & Over Reverse Lifts
Knee to Elbow
Double Taps

How often can I do this workout?
You can do this workout 2-4 times a week, alternating between an upper and lower body focus is most ideal.

What other Fitness Blender videos should I combine this Pilates workout with?
You can do this workout with cardio, or you can add it to the end of a lower body strength training workout to really burnout those muscles.

Does this routine work to tone and slim thighs?
Any physical activity burns calories (all of it at varying rates). Pilates is lower on the calorie burn factor but great for toning the muscles and increasing core strength and control over one’s body. We believe that along with a healthy diet, bodyweight driven exercises and strength training are some of the best ways to keep legs lean and toned – we encourage people to embrace strength training as well as training types like Pilates, and especially encourage women to not shy away from lifting heavily, as building lean muscle doesn’t mean you’re going to grow huge Hulk-style muscles, but will instead help you keep a lower body fat percentage and healthy bodyweight (and so, lean legs). Long story short; yes, this routine can tone and slim thighs, but make sure you don’t skip out on more intense muscle building, calorie burning activities like strength training and bodyweight driven exercises, as well.

Suggested Warm Ups:

* Get Moving! Easy Calorie Burning Cardio Warm Up Workout

* Total Body Warm Up Cardio – 5 Minute Warm Up Workout

Suggested Cool Downs:

* Lower Back Stretches for Stiff Sore Muscles

* Restorative Yoga Pilates Workout to Improve Mood & Circulation – Relaxing Stretching Workout

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