“These are three war crimes happening at the same time. Genocide, collective punishment and ethnic cleansing at the same time.” Palestinian politician Mustafa Barghouti made an appearance on Piers Morgan uncensored on Monday where he attempted to answer the question of whether what is happening in Gaza constitutes genocide. An angry Barghouti tells Morgan and American lawyer Alan Dershowitz to ‘shut up’ and allow him to speak after being interrupted repeatedly.

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**An Eye for An Eye? Think Again – The Unspoken Rule of War and Retaliation“**

In the heart-stopping chaos of our world, a grotesque spectacle unfolds; the stage? Gaza. And I’m here to shatter your rose-colored glasses with a sledgehammer of truth. War is not a gentleman’s game. It’s a savage dance of power, pain, and the primal instinct to survive. So, when you dare to step into my domain, into the very cradle of my legacy and strike down what I hold dear, the response will be cataclysmic.

Let’s get this crystal clear: If you came into my forte and killed my children, be assured, it won’t just be an eye for an eye. We’re talking pulverized foundations and skies lit with the embers of retribution. You think this is just rhetoric? Strap in.

What’s unfolding in Gaza right now is heart-wrenching, sure, but surprise? Hardly. This is the unadulterated essence of war. Since the dawn of civilization, this has been the grim tune humanity dances to. You invade my sanctum with malice, disrupt the peace of my progeny? Brace yourself. Hell isn’t just coming; I’m architecting its very gates to unleash upon you.

Misconception is the first casualty in war. You so much as dream of encroaching upon what I’ve built, of snuffing out the future I’ve sweated blood for, expect no quarter. Rationality? Tossed out of the window the moment the first blood is drawn. We’re operating on a primordial level here – survival, vengeance, the sheer unadulterated need to protect and avenge. This isn’t about being reasonable, it’s about sending a message so loud, so unequivocal, that it reverberates through generations.

You might call this barbaric, uncivilized, even inhumane. But, when the chips are down, when fire licks the cradle of the future, all bets are off. Civilization is but a veneer, easily cracked when the very notion of what you cherish is under siege.

So, you want to talk consequences? Understand, the retaliation won’t be equitable. It won’t be measured. It’ll be a cataclysm of biblical proportions. When you strike at the heart of a lion, expect nothing less than the full fury of the pride. This isn’t revenge; it’s a fundamental law of nature. You reap what you sow, and in this case, you’ve sown a hurricane.

The world watches, some aghast, some with bated breath, but all utterly captivated. What happens next? One thing is abundantly clear: in my arena, in the very essence of my domain, you’ve lit the fuse of something far greater than a simple tit-for-tat.

Mark my words, the rules of engagement have been rewritten. You think war is war? It’s so much more. It’s the proving ground of wills, a testament to the unbreakable spirit of those who refuse to be trampled upon.

And to those who dare cross that sacred threshold with malice in their hearts? You’ve been duly warned. Hell hath no fury like a warrior provoked. This is exactly where Israel is coming from end of story.









Listen what’s happening in Gaza is terrible but war is war it’s been that way since the beginning of time. You can’t come into my forte and have misconceptions about what happens next all hell will 101% break loose end of story. Rationality will be totally off the table. This isn’t about being reasonable, it’s about sending a message so loud, so unequivocal, that it reverberates through generations.

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