People can tell you are 100% new money if you have a lot of expensive taste, like to show off your wealth, and are willing to spend more than most people.

Some of the ways that people with new money show their affluence is by having an expensive car, wearing designer clothing, and staying in luxury hotels. They also enjoy going on extravagant vacations and being able to buy anything they want.

Theres also a different breed of the new money kinda vibe
People who desperately want to appear wealthy, but are actually broke! This is a very generational phenomenon. Because of social media comparison, fast fashion and the abundance of cheap, knock-off accessories and decor, it’s easier for people to pretend they are like both new AND old money. Interestingly, I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s, where this was not possible. I have a few distant, wealthy relatives from England. By today’s standards, they would be considered minimalists! Everything was very good quality. But, their wardrobe was just basic, classic pieces. They ate a rather plain, ordinary diet and watched their portions. They walked for exercise. Their biggest indulgences were books and the theatre. What we can learn from both time periods is that it’s important to work on our inner selves and our self worth. Then, hopefully, self-discipline and modesty around money will follow.

How can you tell if someone is new money? Let’s explore what gives people away in this video!

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It’s not about income but how humble and smart you are about it

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