I’ve noticed that sometimes is better being alone than with negative people who are draining. The best decision I ever made, was to be my own very best friend!🥰

Stay away from these women! Far too often we don’t set boundaries and let these toxic female friends into our life, only to pay the price later… Don’t do this mistake!

The jet set lifestyle is not for everyone. If you are an affluent woman, it can be a challenge to find a bestie who is on the same level. Here are some friends that every jet set babe should avoid:

1) The one who has expensive taste but doesn’t have the money to support it

2) The one who is always asking you for money 3) The one who always wants to borrow your clothes 4) The one who’s always bragging about how much they spend 5) The one who always wants to do the most expensive thing but dont have the means to and expect you to pay for it.

Till the next slay time!

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Beware of green witches in your life

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