Glam Glow
The company’s current line includes five products, each designed to address a specific skin-care concern. It was founded in 2010 by Glenn and Shannon Dellimore. Estée Lauder now owns Glam Glow”GlamGlow represents the ultimate in innovative facial masks,” Fabrizio Freda, president and chief executive officer of the Estée Lauder Cos. Inc.told WWD.

How long does it take for glam glow to work?

Apply a thin layer to clean skin and leave on for five to –20 minutes. When the mask is ready to be removed, you”ll see dots of vacuum extractions peeking through. Rinse. Use as often as needed, as a full mask or a spot treatment.

How long do you keep glam glow on your face?

After the mask is applied, allow it to dry for ten to twenty minutes. If you keep the mask on for the full 20 minutes and notice that your skin is excessively dry after treatment, you can decrease the time to meet the needs of your particular skin type.

How do you use Glam Glow?

Directions of use:
* Apply a medium layer with a clean foundation brush to dry,fresh skin.
* Leave to set for between 5 and 10 minutes, once the mask is dry gently rinse away with warm water, using circular motions.
* For best results store at room temperature and use only once or twice a week.

Hollywood Glam Glow is the business

Keeps the skin supple and glowy with consistent use.

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