We love this Christmas nail art by Celina Ryden. Light elegance hard gels user include:

Hot tamale
Little red sled
Perfect white
Light elegance ambassador

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About the artist

Celina Rydén is an 80’s child born in -85 in Stockholm, Sweden. At the age of nine she started gymnastics and then later at fifteen became a coach and floor routine choreographer for six years. When she was nineteen she started her dance career and worked as a professional dancer and choreographer for about ten years, standing on the biggest stages in Sweden like for example “Melodifestivalen.

Back in 2005 she also got her nail license but dancing took over and she had to commit fulltime to the stage. In 2013 she got back into the nail industry and after searching for a new brand she started to work with “Light Elegance”. It didn’t take long before she fell in love with the brand and the people behind it and in 2016 she was named as the Light Elegance brand ambassador and international educator.

Celina got her license in 2005 and has since then worked with two different brands. Since 2014 she’s been working with the U.S. nail brand “Light Elegance” based in Redmond, Oregon. In 2016 she was announced as the official brand ambassador and international educator and is now traveling all around the world doing workshops and trade shows.

By Celina Ryden

''Tis the season of RED!

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