Watching the Gucci FW18 show was like sitting in a session of Game of thrones.
Gucci displayed a Mysterious creature: a model in a quilted velvet jacket carried a dragon while walking the #GucciFW18 show. Inspired by the ‘Legend of the baby dragon in the jar’, the real story of an author who staged finding a baby dragon in his garage in Oxfordshire, England.

Rumour has it that scientists found the egg last month and its mother wasn’t there. Apparently Gucci purchased it for $5.5 million and the egg just hatched. True? We wonder!

Game of thrones thangs

Source: @Gucci

Well Gucci did its thang again

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The show was like a combination of Halloween in a mad scientists lab and catholic romance

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We are shook!

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Spooky Gucci Real Spooky

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Halloween squad?

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The dragon in the arms

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Gucci did not fail to spook

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