“Hospitality-centric luxury has changed”, said NIHIWATU® founder and investor Christopher Burch. “It is more than just the finer touches. It has evolved to a custom itinerary, a personal journey, unexpected experiences, and a curiosity for the unknown.This is everything we set out to deliver with the Nihiwatu concept.”

We have attracted a particularly discerning segment of luxury travelers who are willing to spend the extra resources and go the extra distance just to discover something truly extraordinary”, added NIHIWATU® Managing Partner James McBride.

Re-imagined and re-opened in 2015, Nihiwatu has quickly captivated travelers from all corners of the world. On the remote island of Sumba in southeastern Indonesia, the once cult surf destination with it’s own popular private wave, Occy’s Left, was acquired by Burch in 2012 and developed into a culturally immersive enclave of equal parts active adventure and endless indulgence, in an exotic and authentic setting. Among it’s unique and idyllic features:

* A three-villa tree house atop a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean.
* A day-long spa safari with endless spa treatments, private bales, and healthy, bush-cooked meals
* Over 33 villas with private plunge pools, indoor-outdoor entertaining, and views of Nihi Beach
* Island exploration that includes hidden waterfalls, scenic views of farmed rice paddies, local villages and artisans, freshly harvested coconuts, and picnic lunches
* A professional equestrian center for sunset beach rides, mountain excursions, horsemanship and more

Maintaining its deep-rooted philosophy, and through the generosity of Burch, a portion of NIHIWATU®’s profits are now repatriated into the Sumba Foundation established by Claude Graves and Sean Downs 2001. With the enthusiastic support of hotel guests, NIHIWATU® is a philanthropic vehicle dedicated to fostering community-based projects. During their stay, guests are introduced to the Foundation’s efforts through an impactful presentation and short film. Many guests subsequently become benefactors to the Foundation. The result is a rare collaboration between a resort and its local community that today co-exist with compelling interdependence: the resort has become the biggest employer on the island and the Sumba Foundation gives back to the local communities. Over the last fourteen years, the Foundation has set up four medical clinics, a Malaria training center, and has developed over 100 water wells and water stations. The Foundation currently feeds young children in a malnutrition program, and has refurbished and supported 15 primary schools and provides lunch for over 1,000 school children twice a week.

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See a review by travel blogger Wild luxe Misha:

"In my previous post, I asked what luxury meant to you in terms of travel. To me, it means being able to experience something unique with an exceptional level of service. During my recent stay @nihiwatu the staff went above and beyond. I made a simple request to have dinner within my villa and was completely blown away by what they had done. 3 hours of set up later I came back to one of the most mesmerizing dinner scenes I had ever laid eyes upon, with flowers hanging from above and lanterns everywhere. This video (see video) doesn't even show the half of it but It was spectacular!" Thought it befitting to repost this cause it's right up our alley.

Another amazing video of a villa at Nihiwatu

Source: By Sam blackly

Nihiwatu is an Island retreat that will nourish you from the inside out

Sunset view at Puncak estate

Source: By Nahakemala

Grand entrance to Raja Mendaka Estate

Discover a whole new world

The expert watermen will take you out spear fishing in the pristine waters around Sumba

Unique pieces of Sumbanese Culture

Integrated into each of the villas to make them feel like home. This is the bathroom of Raja Mendaka.

Always save room for dessert

By Petty yelliotts kitchen

Oompa Loompa Doompety doo!

Be sure to visit Chris and Charlys chocolate factory

Tiny miracles happening every day

Be sure to visit the turtle hatchery at Nihiwatu, and for your lucky you just might catch these little guys making their way out to sea

Nihiwatu Luxury Villas

Villas are inspired by Sumbanese architecture with Menara Style rooftops similar to the surrounding villages.

Enjoy a spa Safari at the beautiful rice fields at Nihiwatu

Slaylebrity Chrissy Teigen Cooling off at Nihiwatu

She's wearing Si swimsuit

Sumba Island is filled with inspiration

Retreat to an unspoiled part of the world to find a deeper connection with nature, practice yoga & meditation and experience the magic of every moment.

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