Discovering Marriott Ikeja Lagos – The Unexplored Culinary Wonderland

When you think of the energetic city of Lagos, Nigeria, you probably conjure up images of bustling markets, vibrant nightlife, and captivating cultural attractions. However, I’m here to share a hidden treasure that took me by pleasant surprise during my recent visit. Nestled against the bustling backdrop of the city is the well-appointed Lagos Marriott Hotel Ikeja – a world-class lodging experience that is out to change your perception of hospitality and, most importantly, food culture in West Africa.

Upon arrival, the Marriott Ikeja Lagos greets you with its stunning architecture, a harmonious blend of modern sophistication and local Nigerian culture. Its courteous staff ushers you into a world of endless luxury, but the real culinary journey begins when you set foot inside four captivating dining areas – the Wakame Restaurant, Korico and The Grill.

**Wakame – A Taste of Asia in Heart of Lagos**

In the culinary world, the name ‘Wakame’ is synonymous with vibrant Asian flavors. Located on the hotel’s first floor, the Wakame Restaurant brings a refreshing twist to Lagos’ food scene with its distinct fusion cuisine. Here, eastern cooking meets artistic western presentation, with everything from succulent sushi rolls to sizzling teppanyaki grills.

**The Grill – Raising the Steaks**

For those in pursuit of the perfect steak, look no further. The Grill is a carnivore’s dream come true. This exquisite steakhouse creates a symphony of flavors with local spices and prime meats, cooked to perfection. The unmatched tenderness of each cut is a testament to the skilled chefs behind the scenes.

**The Brunch at Korico- An Immersive Culinary Fiesta**

No trip to Marriott Ikeja Lagos would be complete without experiencing their signature brunch. An eclectic assembly of cuisines from around the globe, it takes you on an unforgettable gastronomic journey without leaving your seat. Forget what you know about hotel buffets; this is brunch done right!


**The Cubed Croissants at Idapo restaurant – A Pastry Phenomenon**

Among all the tantalizing offerings, one particular marvel steals the show. Marriott Ikeja Lagos is the only place in the city, even in the whole of Lagos, where you will discover the delights of cubed croissants. Yes, you heard that right. Imagine the flaky, buttery goodness of a traditional French croissant but in an innovative cubic form. It is not just a pastry; it is a whole new dining experience in itself!

In a nutshell, the Marriott Hotel Ikeja is not just another up-scale hotel; it’s a culinary paradise waiting to be explored. Whether it’s the exotic Asian flavors of Wakame, the impeccable grills, the world-class brunch, or the unique cubed croissants that steals your heart, its gastronomic wonders are sure to etch a lasting memory in your mind. After all, great travel stories always revolve around food, and Marriott Ikeja Lagos sure makes for a delicious tale. Time to make your own!

Other things to checkout

The Spa for sure

Do make sure if you are having a wedding to ask for their wedding packages

Guide pricing

Buffet at Korico Cost per head: N17,500


188,000 + Naira / $223 + per night


122, Joel Ogunnaike Street Ikeja

Tel: +2349088252020

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A hidden treasure that took me by pleasant surprise

Enjoy your bubbly in style in your room

A good spot for wedding blues

Enjoy the grill of your life here

Yass creme brûlée

The cocktails don’t play

Slay wedding bells aesthetic zone

Definitely try the food at Idapo

Also WakameLagos is another good spot

Exciting treats all year round

Certainly comes with a dose of happy vibes

Yes the bedrooms could be bigger but hey it’s quite sleek

The junior suite does the damn thing

Don't miss the cube croissants at Idapo restaurant

It's a vibe

At Christmas they really light it up

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