A spectacular series of four one-of-a-kind Imperial-class eggs with jewelled surprises, the Four Seasons represent the rebirth of the iconic jewelled decorative creations in a long-standing tradition of exquisite works of art. The Fabergé Four Seasons Eggs comprise four decorative eggs, each set with one of the four most precious gemstones – diamond, emerald, sapphire and ruby – to represent winter, spring, summer and autumn respectively. Each of the eggs opens to reveal, on a mechanically-powered presentation podium, a bespoke jewelled surprise, which may, of course, be customised according to the client’s wishes.

The new collection is the first set of Imperial Eggs from Fabergé made in 99 years.

A Fabergé egg from this collection is worth about $740,000

If you’re interested in purchasing all four, the collection can be had for a mere $2.96 million.


A one-of-a-kind Imperial-class egg with jewelled surprises.

Faberge Four Seasons Egg

The ultimate engagement treat don't you think? This is Summer Dappled in the sunlight of summer gardens, the Four Seasons Summer Egg expresses the enchantment of colourful summer floral arrangements in radiant colours.


Faberge Four Seasons Egg

With mellow warmth and richly jewelled tones, the Four Seasons Autumn Egg evokes legends, folk and fairy tales of treasures from the mysterious Ural Mountains, where forest spirits revered for their magic and beauty reveal secrets of ancient wisdom.


Faberge Four Seasons Egg

The Four Seasons Spring Egg represents the new life that bursts forth in spring, the welcomed and celebrated awakening of the earth, heralding new beginnings.


Faberge Four Seasons Egg

Through sparkling luminosity and radiant brilliance reminiscent of glistening snow crystals and ice flakes, the Four Seasons Winter Egg is a dazzling ice-white composition of diamonds and aquamarines

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