Concierge Price: $258,000

### The King’s Ride: Mercedes-Benz V 300 d 4Matic Extra Long Customized – FOR SALE

Listen up! You already know who it is – I’m the guy that tells it like it is, no sugar-coating it. And right now, I’ve got the scoop on a ride that’s been turning heads, the Mercedes-Benz V 300 d 4Matic Extra Long Customized. This isn’t your neighbor’s minivan; this is luxury on wheels, the chariot of champions.

Now, I’m all about hustling, winning, and, above all, living the best life you could imagine. So when you see Slay billionaire concierge whipping through the streets, you know he’s doing it in prime style. But get this – I’ve decided to put this beast on the market. That’s right. I’m giving one of you the chance to level up your game by owning this masterpiece on wheels.

Let’s talk specs – because that’s what the real enthusiasts care about, right? With a powerful four-cylinder diesel engine under the hood, this V-Class not only purrs like a kitten but also roars like a lion when you step on it. And the 4Matic? That’s Mercedes talk for all-wheel drive, which means you’re getting grip in spades, no matter where you’re headed.

But it ain’t just about how it drives – it’s also about how it makes you *feel*. That’s where the customized part comes in. We’re talking leather seats that make you think you’re sitting in a first-class cabin, ambient lighting that sets the mood whether you’re on a hot date or cruising solo, and a sound system that lets you blast your anthems while you conquer the road.

This isn’t just a car. It’s an experience. A statement. It’s the beast that says, “I’m here to win.” And now it’s time for someone else to step into the driver’s seat and show the world what they’re made of.

Are you ready to make that boss move? Good. Because the only thing better than talking about success is driving straight towards it in a vehicle that screams “winner.”

Level up to slay club world concierge to purchase . Only serious players in the game, please. This is a one-in-a-million opportunity – do you have what it takes to grab it?

Drive like a king, win like a king. You know what to do.

Offer Number: 23G1422
Color: Obsidian Black metallic
Upholstery: Customized Black + Mandarin Leather
Mileage: 100 km
Seats: 7
Transmission: Automatic
Drive: Diesel
Capacity: 1,950 cm³
Power (kW): 176 kW
Power (PS): 239 PS
Emission Standard: Euro 6
Fuel Consumption (in town): 8.4 l/100 km*
Fuel Consumption (out of town): 6.6 l/100 km*
Fuel Consumption (comb.): 7.3 l/100 km*
CO₂ Emissions (comb.): 191 g/km*
CO₂ Efficiency Rating: E


MERCEDES BENZ V300 d Extra Long 4MATIC Customized

Color: Obsidian black metallic
Wheels: 19 Inch AMG Light Allow Wheels
Interior: Customized Black + Mandarin Leather

BA3 Active Brake Assist System
C74 Illuminated Mercedes-Benz lettering on door sill
CL1 Height and rake adjustable steering wheel
CL4 Multifunction steering wheel with trip computer
ET4 Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC
EZ6 Parking package with 360 camera
EZ7 Active Parking Assist
F65 Exterior mirrors, automatically folding
F69 Heated exterior mirror, electrically adjustable
H15 Seat heater for front
SF Front seat electrically adjustable
HH4 THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control
HZ0 Electric auxiliary heater
JA9 Traffic Sign Assist
JF1 Rain sensor
JW8 Attention Assist
LC5 Ambient lighting in exterior mirrors
LE1 Adaptive brake lights
LG2 LED Intelligent Light System
T55 Electric operation of sliding door on right
W70 Tinted windows in rear passenger compartment, dark glass

Drivers area
* Seats covered with Nappa leather
* Ceiling covered with Alcantara
* Sidewalls covered with Alcantara and leather
* Doors covered with Alcantara and leather
* Middle console with leather armrest
* Cockpit covered with Alcantara
* Steering wheel covered with Mahagony wood and leather
* Glove compartment with decorative insert

* Ceiling Starry Sky with shooting stars and star animation
* Integration of air-condition-controller
* Clothes hanger in the trunk
* Decorative embellishments with Alcantara and leather
* 2 x Mercedes-Benz S-Class make-up mirrors
* Electrically folding 15,4 inch LED TV for guests
* Lambwool carpet

Customized chrome features
* Various glass holders
* Strips on left sidebar
* Strips on right sidebar
* Strips on left sidewall
* Strips on right sidewall
* Left table embellishment
* Right table embellishment
* 4 x Ventilation openings

Mahagony wood features
* 2 x Frames of electrical tables
* Bar console
* Coffee machine console
* Humidor
* TV frame surrounding
* Left sidewall paneling
* Right sidewall paneling
* Left sidebar paneling
* Right sidebar paneling
* Cockpit

Ambience Light System
* 2 x LED lighting on under seats
* 4 x LED reading lights on REAR area for reading
* LED lighting on middle console
* LED strip on left sidewall
* LED strip on right sidewall
* LED lighting on minibar
* 2 x LED lighting on pillars

REAR features
* Thermal and 2 x acoustic insulation for external volume reduction
* Various cup holders chrome plated
* 2 x electrically folding tables
* Elegant storage compartments
* Mini Bar illuminated with LED
* High quality curtains in the REAR area windows

REAR partition wall
* Electrically driving 32 inch QLED HQ flat screen integrated
* Fine Alcantara inserts
* Decorative leather embellishments
* Mahagony wood inserts with frame for TV
* Integrated analog clock
* Umbrella holder

REAR Seating:
* 2 x Mercedes-Benz G-Class Seats
* Seats upholstered with fine Nappa leather and perforation pattern
* Mercedes-Benz S-Class control
* Electrically driving
* Electrically reclining completely
* Electrically extending footrest
* Heating system
* Massage function
* Central storage between seats
* Electrically driving drawer below the middle console

REAR Seat bench
* Electrically driving seat parts
* Upholstered with fine Nappa leather
* Cupholder integrated
* Retractable armrest integrated
Nespresso Coffee machine
* Integrated coffe tab and cup holders
* Integrated below the armrest system in the rear

REAR Entertainment System and Electronic Extras
* Remote System – app for controling the REAR area features
* Voice Control System for controling the REAR area features
* Ambience LED Light System
* Multi-Level LED Dimmer
* Individual control of LED Ambiente Light System
* Integrated PlayStation
* Inductive mobile charging
* Apple TV
* High end Cinema System Harman Kardon 5.1
* USB interfaces with connection to the HQ Sound System
* HDMI interface
* 220V plug integrated and elegantly framed
* Intercom System for communication of driver and REAR area
* Telephone system
* Integrated safe with biometric fingerprint recognition
* Mobile router
* Switch Mode

Camera System for REAR Area
* Quattro Split Screen Function
* Front view
* Back view
* Drive information speed view
* Driver compartment

Concierge Price: $258,000
Includes complimentary worldwide shipping

Finders/concierge fee
3% of final property price paid within three working days of successful conclusion to any Slay Network nominated account.

Slay Concierge Purchase note

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Are you ready to make that boss move? Good. Because the only thing better than talking about success is driving straight towards it in a vehicle that screams winner. Drive like a king, win like a king. You know what to do.

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