Conversation etiquette is very important because you don’t want to come off as rude and make the other person feel offended!

While going through infertility treatments for several years I had to put up with people asking me when I was going to have kids. It was terribly hurtful and I never knew what to say because it wasn’t any of their business. Thanks for bringing this up!

I get asked if I’m pregnant ALL. THE. TIME. I’ve lost nearly 50 pounds this year, and constantly getting that questions makes me feel awful about my progress.

Another major NO NO “How can you afford this?” Asked by a man next to me. I was on a first class flight, and dressed/presented nicely. In reality, my boyfriend had purchased the flight, but I just replied coldly, “I have a job.”

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There is a rule I was once not comment on someone about something they can't fix in 10seconds

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