KARDASHIAN-JENNER SUPER FANS have been a-buzz over the last few weeks with rumours that Travis Scott has put a ring on it.
And by ‘it’, I mean Kylie Jenner. Sorry Kylie, that was kind of rude in hindsight.

The pair have been dropping hints left, right and centre, so it’s hard to blame fans for jumping to conclusions.
The rumours started when Kylie posted a video of her gaff covered in roses earlier this month.

The caption “hell of a way to end a night” also added to the speculation. Hmm.
According to TMZ though, the gesture was Travis’ way of celebrating Kylie Cosmetics partnership with US retail giant Ulta. Hmmmmmmm.

But then there’s the fact that Travis’ constant refers to Kylie as his wife.

During one of his recent shows, in which Kylie and Stormi were attending, Travis gave this shout out to his baby mama:

“My wife is over there”

It wasn’t a one time thing though: Travis called Kylie his “wifey” all the way back in August when he posted a tribute to her for her 21st birthday. Similarly, Kylie calls Travis her hubby all the time on her Instagram. 
They’ve previously said that, while they have talked about marriage, there’s nothing to the cute nicknames. 
“Kylie is very happy with Travis, but they aren’t married,” a source told People in October. “There has been some talk about marriage, but it doesn’t seem they are planning a wedding.”

But then, there was Travis’ ‘slip-up’ on the Ellen show.
At one point during the interview, Travis referred to Kris Jenner – Kylie’s mam – as his mother-in-law. He didn’t correct himself, nor did Ellen call him out on it. Damn it, Ellen!

Now, let’s take a look at that ring Kylie has been rocking lately.
She’s been spotted wearing a snazzy sparkler on her ring finger several nights in a row last week.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. That doesn’t look like an old mood ring, TBH.

What’s the verdict?
The theory that DailyEdge.ie are officially working off is that Kylie and Travis are, at the very least, engaged. However, we reckon they’ve actually gone and gotten hitched. Listen, it’s not the first time Kylie’s managed to keep such a massive secret.

By Daily Edge

Relax he can't bite her with those rocks in his mouth

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Fun times

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Of course he'd marry her

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Red roses galore

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We can see that Bling

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It's beginning to look a lot like Marriage

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