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Chris Brown is featured in a compelling and never-before-scene documentary about Chris Brown’s controversial life and career.

Let’s checkout what some critics on IMDB had to say

Good Review
“The film was compelling and raw. Many people have their opinions about Mr. Brown because of the media and tabloids. But to hear his side from his own mouth, the mistakes his has made was truly real.
I commend him because at the age of 17 when the incident happened he chose to admit to the crime not many young men would . This film is a lesson to many to think! Everything he has gone through and still goes through many would have taken their life. Great Film!” Phillip Leslie

Not feeling it Review
“So five lines is what’s required of me! Don’t know how to do that in less. Here we go; this dude “allegedly” punches women..OK…then he cries about it…OK, oh well…
then this shait to glorify him (don’t get me wrong, no fan of Rihanna, but no one, regardless of if you’re male or female, deserves domestic abuse)…and that is where I’m like “take you dollar dollar bills y’all” and dry you tears! You, Sir, should just let your mediocre career fade in…well, nothing!” Yogibearz

Catastrophic review

“Plot of the biography shows his rise to fame but basically sets him up to be a victim of labels and how his success has been ruined because of Rihanna.
It seems like a pathetic call for pity without owning up for his actions. At first I thought this was some crazy celebrity nouveau-art-ironic-satirical piece but sad to say it isn’t.
For fans who are watching it to justify and validate their belief that he is changed, you will be sorely disappointed.
For fans who are watching it since they believe it was just a bad PR moment that ruined a respectable man, I would suggest reading the official police statement pdfs of the incident.
Uninformative biography, an attempt to excuse abuse and violence. Not sure why his PR team thought it would be okay for him to make this documentary and dig up the past since the angle of his biography is poorly executed.” Amelie Winchester

Wow some scathing reviews! What say you, will you watch this documentary on Netflix?


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