* Duration: 20 Minutes
* Calorie Burn: 185-245
* Difficulty: 3/5
* Equipment: No Equipment
* Training Type: Cardiovascular, Toning

Coming in at just under 20 minutes, this Cardio Boot Camp workout blasts calories and tones the body quickly.

Here’s how this routine is structured: for one-minute intervals, you will do a bodyweight toning exercise that is heavily taxing on your cardiovascular endurance. In between each exercise, there is a fifteen second rest period where you will see a clip of what exercise is coming up next. There are five exercises total and the video includes three rounds of the entire routine.

Before each exercise interval begins, we count you down from the last 5 seconds so that you will be ready to start. We’ll also count you down when you’re in the last five seconds of a round, just before you get to rest.

There are a long list of variables that play into how many calories an individual will burn while doing this cardio workout video, including how hard you are willing to push yourself and what your current level of fitness is. With that said, we estimate that you can burn 185-245 calories with this routine.

If at any point during this routine you need a break, don’t hesitate to pause the video and take a breather. It’s important to push yourself and your limits, but you should also listen to your body and give yourself a break if you start to feel too uncomfortable. Sometimes just stopping for 5-10 seconds can be enough of a rest that you can jump back in and finish a round of an exercise.

Exercises in this toning and cardio boot camp workout:

Reverse Lunges with High Knee – Fantastic for toning and shaping the glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps, this bodyweight exercise also uses a large number of calories because of the large muscle groups involved. The addition of the high knee makes the move a bit more complex and calls upon your core for stabilization and your hip flexors to complete the motion.

Reaching Side Lunges with Jump – In addition to using the glutes, hamstrings and quads, the reaching movement engages your core (especially the obliques), and the jump in the middle keeps your heart rate nice and high (if it wasn’t already).

Power Skips – This is essentially a very exaggerated skip-in-place motion that primarily targets your calves and hip flexors, though it becomes a total body exercise in that both upper and lower body must work together to complete the movement.

Alternating Push Hops – This is a simple lightweight cardio move that has the main function of keeping you moving. You can punch alternating from left to right or use a motion as if you were pushing a wall further away from your body, just make sure that you are always using your opposite arm from the direction you are “pushing” or punching, and that your feet switch positions quickly with each direction change (see video).

Flutter Kick Squats – The simple addition of the “flutter” kick, where your feet briefly stop in two different positions before you sink into a squat, bumps up the challenge of the traditional squat a bit and helps you to burn even more calories during this routine. Make sure that you switch which foot leads in the flutter kick after each squat.

If you are looking to tone up quickly and increase your metabolism and your body’s ability to burn fat, this Cardio Boot Camp is a great go-to routine, especially if you are limited on time or workout equipment.

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