FORGET superyachts and private jets – the summer of 2019 is going to be all about floating, moveable islands.

You’ll just need a huge stash of money in the bank.

Austrian company Migaloo are selling private islands which are moveable.

Migaloo has launched their latest product – the Kokomo Ailand – a beach club, living quarters and boat all in one.
The island – which moves at a speed of eight knots (9mph) – has ten suites on board as well as a penthouse, and it costs €300 million (£267m).

They can be up to 383 feet long – but can also be made to different sizes depending on what you’re after.
So if you’re bored of being docked in the Caribbean you can up sticks and sail off to Greece – or Dubai, where man-made islands are a big thing.

The islands can be tailored to the owner’s preferences, with everything from a beach club – surrounded by palm trees – to infinity pools and a man-made waterfall.
There’s also the option for a helipad and an outdoor cinema.

One of the most daring features has got to be the “shark-feeding elevator” though.
The island is also designed so that you can dock your yacht or submarine there too.

Main data:
KOKOMO AILAND – private floating habitat based on semi-submersible platforms
Length overall: 117 m
Beam: 78 m
Draft: 20.5 M-9.7 m
Customizable in size, shape, interior outfitting and features
Owners Deck: Private Owners penthouse 80 m above sea leve, private glass elevator
Jungle Deck: Living palm trees and vertical gardens
Beach Deck: Entertainment pool & barbecue area
Garden Deck: Al-fresco outdoor dining, waterfalls
Spa Deck: Spa and beauty salons, large pool areas and waterfalls
General amenities: 2 beach clubs including beach gym, private harbour & harbour club, underwater dining salon, shark-feeding station, outdoor cinema, barbecue and outdoor stage, heli deck & large storages for tender & toys

Also you may be interested in their submarine yachts.
The yacht turns into a submarine – for all those times you need to go under the water undetected.

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contact the Migaloo team below

MIGALOO Private Submersible Yachts
Mantscha 217
8054 Graz, Austria, Europe
0043 664 53 21 400

FORGET superyachts and private jets - it's all about floating, moveable islands.

Source: Migaloo

They did not know it was possible so they went ahead and did it

Source: Migaloo

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