* Duration: 20 Minutes
* Calorie Burn: 100-210
* Difficulty: 3/5
* Equipment: Mat, No Equipment
* Training Type: Strength Training, Toning

This is a well rounded, comprehensive core workout. It equally challenges the muscles of the abdominal panel, the lower back, and the obliques. Contrary to popular belief, you really shouldn’t train your abs every day; every other day is fine, with more rest time if your abdominals are still sore from a previous routine.

The exercises in this abs video are paired up; alternate doing 14 reps of each, three times through before moving onto the next pair. There are also two stretches at the end that are ideal for your muscles after a challenging ab workout.

You don’t need any equipment in order to do this home abdominal routine, although a mat is helpful to put a little cushion between your body and the floor.

If an exercise is too difficult (or easy), look for it on the sidebar, where you can learn how to do a more suitable version for your particular fitness level. Never sacrifice form for high reps or a difficulty outside of your own capacity.

This 20 minute home routine for abs is great for doing after the end of a cardio session.

Remember; a huge part of getting defined abs or a flat stomach is maintaining a healthy diet and achieving a healthy bodyweight (and low body fat percentage). Look under Fitness Blender’s “Weight Loss” tab for ideas on how to reach your goal weight, and under “Fitness” to find ways to lower your body fat.

Calories burned in this routine:
Doing this routine will burn anywhere from 100-210 calories, depending on many different variables such as your bodyweight, gender, how much effort you put forth, the level of difficulty of the modifications you may make on any given exercise, and your lean muscle mass. For more specific estimation purposes, A 180 lb man will burn roughly 170 calories doing this routine, while a 135 lb woman will burn approximately 140.

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Contrary to popular belief, you really shouldn’t train your abs every day. Spend the extra time instead with your boo!

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