Sophisticated Styling for Long Slay my hair Wigs

If you are living in a tropical country then wearing a wig in hot weather can be uncomfortable. Nobody will see your wig base but it affects your wig’s appearance and comfort. Excess oils and sweat build up in the cap of your wig quicker, which will make your wig heavier (and even hotter), causing damage to your wig cap and wig hair. If too much oil builds up, you could even experience breakouts on your scalp, especially if you have sensitive skin.

As I wear slay my hair wigs a lot I came up with some easy fixes for maintaining the length and beauty of a long wig from slay my hair while also keeping it off my neck and preventing heat stroke.

As real as slay my hair wigs feel, they’re still wigs; they’re not your own hair. They have caps and we wig lovers must bear that in mind when putting it up or pulling it back in a pony.

The Messy Bum

Sophisticated Styling for Long Slay my hair Wigs

Step 1: Carefully and loosely gather your hair in a ponytail. Step 2: “Fold” the pony and continuing to wrap below the bun. Be sure to leave the tail out at the end. Step 3: Wrap the pony rubber around the tight little bun a few times. Tight enough to hold the bun itself but loosely enough that you allow for it to “sit” lower, making room for the cap to remain flat against your head.

The French Braid

Sophisticated Styling for Long Slay my hair Wigs

Step 1: Make two French braids beginning on the top of the head. Step 2: Pull braids across and layer ends on top of each other until they create a knot or bun and pin.

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