Swimsuits Trends

Whether you’re actually heading off with a whole lot of hanging out by the pool or on the beach, or just want to get a head start on your wardrobe: shopping for new swimsuits. Finding swimsuits that you feel comfortable in and love that are on-trend is a big win.

If you’re wearing the same two-piece you’ve had since that beach trip 5 years ago, you might want to consider an upgrade. As we know swimwear is a notoriously personal item capable of showing off much more than skin. Personality is always evident in a person’s choice of bathing. One-pieces are generally a great option, as long as they have modern-meets-classic cuts and come in solids or fun prints. Otherwise, I typically opt for high-waisted bottoms with coordinating tops.

The world of beachwear is changing. The line between underwear and swimwear is getting thinner: tulle and lace swimsuits are a new beach trend. Say no to technical fabrics or materials that are heat or salt resistant. Your goal is to look hot.

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Swimsuits Trends


Swimsuits Trends

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