Hey everyone!! So for my first review, I’ve been out searching for new, upcoming fashion companies to do a review on and the one that intrigued me the most is Slay Network.
Slay Network is all about SLAY boo’s! Everything is slay and when I say everything I literally mean EVERYTHING. It’s an online fashion company that slays in every category; hair, shoes, accessories, sunshades, gadgets, beachwear, etc.
One of the things that got me interested in this company was that it’s not like any regular store (e.g. Asos, Topshop, etc) where you just buy and wear. It’s different. VERY DIFFERENT. It’s more like a society for lavish lifestyles and luxuriousness. Calling all ladies (and gentlemen) who like to spend lavishly, this is the right place for you to be.
TIP: Gentlemen, if you want to spend right on your woman, this is the right place for you to do so cause trust me, ain’t no woman on this earth who wouldn’t love to slay 😉
I mean, the whole slay concept is A-M-A-zing and structured properly. The owner really took it all aboard and made it a fashion wonderland. It’s like VOGUE magazine having their own clothing line. They even have their very own currency called slay dollars that you buy before purchasing any outfit from their website. 
This brings me to my favourite part, its specialty that I love so much. Not only do you get to look good but it’s an association where you get to come together and be #SLAYcertified.
It’s also an organization that creates an opportunity for those upcoming models and bloggers to become ambassadors for the network, a SLAYlebrity and a slogger. Bonus points on efficiency because it is certified.
I checked out the website and thought, woah!!! It may be on the high side but for the sake of you guys looking for luxury stores, I just had to make an order from the site and do a review. And trust me, IT IS WORTH IT…if you can afford it. The delivery was prompt, the packaging…MIND – BLOWING and the quality of the outfit I ordered was just on fire!!! Plus their designs are just litttt. I ordered a green dress and it was way over my expectations when it arrived, have to admit, the way it sat comfortably on me was just delightful. They truly give you what’s worth.
Best part of this company is their variety in what they sell and believe me they sell all sorts of things like hair, clothes, shoes(male/female), beachwear, accessories, lashes and gadgets to name a few. Plus, when the company says, “We recognize the slay in you”, they truly do.
Alright I guess that’s it for my review. Hope you enjoyed it 😉
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P.S. there are more pictures of the dress on my Instagram and a video of me unboxing the packaging.

Somto x.

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