There’s a new trend in architecture and that’s shipping containers. Are they the next architectural design statement? Are they the new upgrade to our homes? Well let’s find out.
Nowadays, youths of this generation are becoming innovative and using shipping containers to build homes, apartments and estates.
According to research, container homes have many benefits such as:
Affordability: Using shipping containers to build homes are immensely cost-effective meaning its cheaper compared to a regular conventional home.
Design: You can easily modify the shipping container to give it a sleek modern style with a taste of your creativity.
Strength: Shipping containers are strong meaning they’re durable and can stand firmly in harsh weathers.
Time: The time taken to construct your home with shipping containers are less compared to building a regular home because majority of the home is already built. All you have to do is just arrange the containers the way you want them organized.
Unique: They stand out from regular homes through its idiosyncratic design.
Green: Constructing container homes allows you to help your environment from pollution and waste of natural resources because you recycle these shipping containers.
But shipping containers also have a few detriments which are:
Building permits and build codes: Container home have no exception from building permits. This is probably the most difficult part in container homes because it takes quite a long period of time before getting a permit.
Finding experienced contractors: Not many contractors have experience building container homes. So it’s quite a struggle to find.
In my opinion, I feel container homes are the next generation of homes. They are very unique, stylish and beautiful. I would definitely want to create one and live in it.
What about you?? What do you think??

Thanks x.

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