So its 2017, another year has gone by, and you still haven’t reached your financial goals, or you’ve reached your goals but want to do better but cant figure out how to do it. You’ve heard of people making tons of money online, you’ve tried in the past but it didn’t work out.  If this correctly describes your position, we have good news for you. You can finally reach your goals in 2017, with the Slay Network Black Membership Program.
Success – What is it? Is it the mansion you want to live in?, is it the car you want to drive? or is it the money you’d like to see in your bank account? IS IT WHERE YOU ARE HEADED?
The Slay Black Membership program is a program designed to allow you to live a luxury life, the kind of life most people dream of having in a short period of time.
Remember a successful person will
 Work to live, not live to work.
How can I be one of this people you say?
Well its simple,
step 1: become a slay black network member by signing up to the program here
step 2: sign up your friends and family to the program
step 3: advertise on social media using your affiliate marketing
So whats in it for you?
The program is to sell credit in the Slay Network store at The slay network is an ultra luxury fashion and lifestyle brand so it will not take much convincing to get others onboard.
For every person you sign up to the plan you earn  50% commission.
That’s $75 per month for a monthly signup or $900 per year for a yearly signup.
Now the great thing about this is, if you are monthly subscriber and sign up a yearly subscriber you will receive $900 for this signup even though you only  paid the monthly subscription of $150. That’s 600% gain.
Now tell us if this dosent sound like a great plan to reach your financial goals in  2017.
Make a move today,
send an email to to register your interest with your name, address and country of residence.
Till the next Slay Time

Work to live don't live to work

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