Pippa Middleton's wedding ceremony

Why Meghan Markle did not attend Pippa Middleton’s wedding ceremony

Meghan Markle might not have been at Pippa Middleton’s wedding ceremony, but she was by her boyfriend Prince Harry’s side at the reception later in the evening!
The 32-year-old royal drove back to London to pick up Meghan, 32, after the ceremony on Saturday morning (May 20) in Englefield, England.

Harry did not plan on bringing Meghan to the ceremony as it was a traditional church wedding, which couples that aren’t married or engaged are not supposed to attend together. The reception is more informal and it’s acceptable for Meghan to join him.

Pippa Middleton’s wedding ceremony

It seems like Harry and Meghan’s relationship is getting very serious and definitely hope to see them walk down the aisle one day!

The couple joined about 300 guests at the black-tie reception in the Middletons’ backyard. You might expect to see photos of the pair mingling in the 40 x 120 ft glass greenhouse built especially for Pippa’s big day, but considering the private nature of the party, the chance of getting picture seems unlikely. (But we’ll keep our eyes peeled anyway.)

Yes Meghan, the English are incredibly Traditional!

Pippa Middleton's wedding ceremony

We see you Meghan

A closer look

Mr and Mrs Mathews leaving the wedding


So beautiful

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