Surely your children at one point, have put your lipstick on or dressed up in a suit and tie or worn your high heels… Playing dress up is one of kids´ favourite pastimes. Because it responds to their need to search for their own identity and with how they are influenced by different genders. This type of role play are copied from watching you get dressed up or looking at how dad shaves or how anyone in their close environment engages in these daily rituals.
Children learn by imitation. The fact that they want to play to be you is simply their way of learning about role models, which prepares them for their future. The men and women who surround them are their sources of inspiration and they will make sure to copy each and every detail of what they see and hear. So don´t be surprised if you recognize yourself in their games.
During this phase of development, kids normally want to wear high heels or a suit and tie. Or beg to dress as a princess or superhero. Like we suggested in this article,“children psychologists believe it´s healthy for kids to experiment with preconceived notions of gender.”
Unconsciously and many times due to fear of social rejection, we tend to model our children´s behaviour and interests so it coincides with masculine and feminine stereotypes. But we don’t realize that, by doing so, we are limiting their learning process. When a child takes care of their Nenuco doll for example, he is learning to express empathy. When a baby girl makes two Mutant Busters vehicles crash against each other, she is learning about the concept of cause and effect. Both are skills and abilities they need to learn, independent of their gender. What is crucial here is to educate them to be who they are.

lines, many children do not differentiate between reality and fiction. They wish to dress in costume to go to school or run errands with you. This is also a part of their search of identity. As adults, we must teach them the difference between both worlds but also be flexible and enjoy watching them play.
Imitation Toys
Although kids love to imitate their parents, brothers and sisters as well as those close to the family, they also love to pretend they are their favourite characters.
So costumes aren’t the only thing they´ll want to do in their search. There are toys that serve this purpose. At Famosa, we are very conscious of this critical phase in children. We have been working since 1977, to develop toys such as Nenuco, PinyPon and Barriguitas, which help them learn as they grow. Famosa, leading toy manufacturer, has also designed and developed special play sets for this purpose and together with Feber and Nancy, offer children a wide variety of educational toys so your children´s imagination continues to be stimulated.
Do your children like to pretend to be you? We encourage you to share your experience here!


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