We really don’t like Tuesday’s, Tuesday is the day the Prince visits. He always comes to see lady Roselle, because she is so beautiful.

Well, that must be the only reason, because actually, she’s a nasty snake, with pumpkin breath too. That’s what I call her, but my sister scolds me and says she’s been good to us, and we must be respectful.

Anyhoo, when the prince comes, even I have to have a bath, and I am only the little Bambini. Cook says she’ll put me in the sink with the dirty dishes if I don’t get down to the river and wash my hair. Ain’t gonna risk having any soap on my skin, no siree!

So off I run to the river. That’s not so bad I guess. I do love jumping in off the high cliff, except it’s awfully cold!

One time a few months ago, I was running late and having so much fun jumping and splashing, that I didn’t realize the Prince was watching me. He called out to me and chatted with me for a good long time.

What a nice man he was asking me about myself and my sister.

Well, I told him the whole story with all my best acting.

Mummy says I’m a great actress, and he was a great audience. I walked tall and proud like my daddy, the great merchant that he is, and I blow strong and fierce like the storm that fights to sink us all.

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