The Truth About Adults Who Love Disney

Whether you know it or not, there is a passionate army of adult women on the Internet, in your office, and maybe even in your home who are obsessed with Disney. They make multiple trips to the theme parks each year, collect Disney-themed items, and even dress up as Disney characters — on days other than Halloween. More than seven million millennial women devoured articles about Disney this year on POPSUGAR; our most popular story, 41 insane facts you didn’t know about Disneyland, was shared more than 50,000 times on social media. Many of these women, who grew up on The Little Mermaid and The Lion King, have celebrated 30th birthdays, honeymoons, and even weddings at a Disney resort.
To understand the phenomenon of adults — many childless — who earnestly and unapologetically love Disney, we surveyed more than 100 self-identified Disney diehards. We asked them to rate their love for Disney on a scale of 1-5, and when anyone graded themselves above a 4, we asked them questions about why they relate to a company ostensibly targeted to children. Turns out, we have a LOT of these diehards working at POPSUGAR — part of a larger group of self-aware women looking for a hit of nostalgia but also a guaranteed good time.
Over and over, we heard that Disney allows them to escape their complicated everyday lives. They explained that they are drawn to the immersive experience offered by the Walt Disney Company’s attention to detail in its films and at its resorts; Disney’s elaborate reserve of attractions, films, and characters reveal something about the fans who love them.
Disney fans know that many people don’t get it. Almost unanimously, they said that the number one misconception about them is that they are immature. But before you judge your co-worker, high school friend on Facebook, or distant family member for their age-inappropriate Disney fangirling on social media, at least try to understand just what Mickey and his gang of princesses do for them.

Who loves Disney more?

You or your Bambini?

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