We love bling! If you are a bling lover you’ll love these incredible handmade Swarovski shoes by slay my bambini shoes.

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If your looking for the perfect baby shower gift you may also love these bling items from Swarovski.

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Swarovski encrusted bambini shoes

Baby crystal shoes by Swarovski

Not a toy! A symbolic gift to celebrate the arrival of a new baby girl or a baby shower, this Swarovski design features a pair of baby shoes in clear crystal. A sparkling pink crystal heart adds a playful touch.

Details of the Swarovski baby crystal shoe bling

Swarovski baby carriage

This design in clear crystal featuring a heart-shaped blue pillow is perfect for celebrating the arrival of a baby. The light blue crystal stones on the pram wheels add a sweet sparkle to this lovely gift. Also available in pink. Decoration object. Not a toy. Not suitable for children under 15

Details of the crystal baby carriage

Also available in blue

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