Chances are you’ve seen this catchphrase on social media or you perhaps have seen people wearing T-Shirts with the words Wake Up-And Slay written on it. You are probably wondering what slaying which literally means to kill, has to do with waking and Kicking ass. Relax, it’s probably not what you are thinking.

To ‘Slay’ is a new slang which means to succeed at something so amazingly, to do something excellently or to dominate at something. It covers several areas of life, from career, to lifestyle, fashion, etc. With this understanding in mind, we all obviously want to wake up, step into our day and slay! We want to slay that business deal, slay that presentation, slay that dinner date request, basically just slay all day. Now hold on a second, you have to understand that slaying doesn’t just happen at the snap of a finger and thumb. For every slayed action, there is an effort that goes on behind the scene.

Fearless women, are large in number and we have a lot on our plates, but we never let others define us.
Every single day WAKE UP. SLAY. and REPEAT.
There is no other option. Be a goal seeker aiming for success on your own terms.

Dancing is a great way to let go of your worries, get up and Slay!

Here’s to more slayness in your life!

Letting go of your insecurities is the ultimate path to true freedom

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