Introducing Unlimited Furniture Group, a unique luxury furniture house based in New York.

A one stop shop for your luxury interior needs.

Discover the world of unlimited furniture group here.

For orders:

Location: luxury furniture showroom, 129 48th street Brooklyn, NY 11232.

Tel: +1 347 416 6249

Boost your home interior with luxury bespoke art. Discover Slay Art world Here

Stunning Pebble Headboard

Create your own piece of paradise anywhere you want with this cube bed

Custom Ribbon chair for a Queen and her Prince.

Available in any custom color

Beautiful Crimson Rose Collection

Beautiful Courbet Sofa

Nuevo accent chair


Laurent dining chairs

Available in over 250 colors

Glamorous Sunset collection

Avant Bed

Dolce Dining Room Collection

A bespoke luxury experience

Customize the Avant bed in any fabric you can imagine

Emulate Mirrored bed

Jewels oversized art work

Luxury Art

Jewel Collection

Steam punk chandeliers

Hand crafted in the United States

Majesty collection

Jewel Dining Collection

Cobalt Bed

Juvenile Collection

Balloon Bed

Ferranti Sectional

Get creative with your living room space

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