For all the girls that love to spin and sparkle, Twirl is the perfect compliment to a dancing princess. Packed with twirling swirling deliciousness, the gown itself features a truly opulent 3D crystal sequence bodice and skirt overlay. Generously studded with jeweled adornment, Twirl shimmers with rhinestones and crystal bead accents. No detail is left unattended; even the inner tulle on this gown is exceptionally beautiful, trimmed with sweet silver embroidery. The swirling skirt design is a multi-layered iridescent tulle dream, designed for maximum twirl.

Size: 3-5( custom size available upon request for up to 10 years)

Price: $2268

Includes complimentary VIP worldwide shipping.

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Packed with twirling swirling deliciousness

Twirl around piglet step lightly pooh

Keep calm and twirl cause life is bliss

Dress up dance giggle twirl play

Life is about learning to twirl in the rain and storm

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