These luxury boots are the perfect luxury staple boot for every woman’s wardrobe. Slay my shoes have put an end to ‘beauty is pain’ by creating a shoe that is not only fashionable, but also very comfortable and made with the highest quality materials.
The boots are crafted handmade with a crepe sole- the toughest rubber on the market. The sole was created to be flexible, as well as lightweight for comfortable, everyday wear. The crepe sole is durable enough to endure any terrain, especially snow and ice. In addition, the look is paired with a matching creation for your minimi.

Includes headwear and handwear.

Size Custom

Matching look Price : $4346
Includes complimentary worldwide shipping.


Instructions to purchase: click the Buy Now link above, enter the Price indicated above, fill in the necessary details and checkout. Slay Concierge will contact you to arrange your delivery please have the title of this post on hand.

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