These surreal and mind boggling designs are the work of a psychology student and self taught Makeup artist who goes only by the name Cedoviste from Podgorica Montenegro.

Body Art is fast becoming a huge sensation worldwide. Cedoviste is followed by over 91,000 people on Instagram which is more people than the population of some cities. It just goes to show that there is nothing that can’t be self taught.

Sources Ny post, CDM, Cedoviste

How's ya Christmas going?

Source: @cedeviste

So eerie

A look done in collaboration with Facepaintcom

Source: @cedeviste

Crazy illusion tutorial

All done using @mehronmakeup paradise makeup AQ paints and @officialsnazaroo in white and black

Source: By @facepaintcom


Source: By @cedoviste

They called me a giraffe when I was a kid

Yes this is #makeup . And this is actually very very simple illusion, I just painted neck on torso. But one thing that ended up looking better than I tought it will are my arms, those are my real arms (part under elbows), I just hide line that separate them from my torso with painting that tank top. I hope you understand this.

Source: By @cedoviste

Snow witch

Mirror Mirror, who's the fairest?


Double whammy

Christmas skull

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